Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Greetings from the Maschger clan! We have had another GREAT week...there is just NEVER a dull moment!

The BIG milestones for the week would be, significant success in the potty training department. Those of you who have gone through this ordeal will appreciate how marvelous ANY progress toward a diaper free child can be. After literally checking out EVERY book and video on potty training from the entire Anne Arundel County Public Library system, and countless hours of reading potty books and watching potty movies, it appears that Maddie finally caught the vision! Friday, our little girl got up from the couch and announced that she had to go to the potty. As she headed up the stairs, I asked if she needed any help from Mommy. Her reply, "No, I do it myself"...and off she went. About 20 minutes later I hear from the upstairs, "Mommy, I did it! Come look! I did it!" And sure enough she had...all by herself. After her second successful trip, she informed me, "No more diapers for Maddie" What a beautiful thing! While we realize there is a way to go till we are relatively stress free in this particular wonderful it is to know that we are at least on the path! :-)

The other BIG milestone would be Miles completion of what will be his FINAL college course. He took his final final last Saturday, and we are feeling the tremendous release of literally years of stress! Now there may be some of you who are bit confused, seeming to remember that we had mentioned that we were still a couple of years away from finally achieving the elusive bachelor's degree. Well, there was a change of plans...after some extensive research, we have found an accredited institution that will accept ALL of Miles over 160 credits, and award him a bachelor's degree with Persian/Farsi, and computer emphasis. As our plans are to either apply to Officer Candidate School, explore the myriad of jobs available in this area for someone with Miles training, or apply to law school...having the degree allows us to FINALLY start moving forward in any or all of these areas. So, stay tuned...big happenings are on the horizon!

We had a wonderful day yesterday...Cousin Katy was able to come up and spend an exciting day with the Maschger clan. We had some GREAT Indian food...Maddie and Emma LOVE naan...and Emma really LOVED the Mango Lassi :-) Then we took some time to play at the park. As we were heading home from the park, Emma informed us that she didn't want to go home, in one of my brilliant "Mom" moments, I asked, "Well, where do you want to go?" Our 2 year old Emma replied, "I go to Target!" I believe that it may be entirely possible that there is a "shopping gene", and our Emma got it! :-) As Cousin Katy had no objection to heading to Target, we went shopping at Target! While we are very happy for our Cousin Katy and her upcoming move, we are really going to miss her! :-) It has been so wonderful to have family close by...we love her!

In closing, I'd like to take a moment to wish all of you a Happy Mother's Day...I am soo grateful for my wonderful mother, who I believe with all my heart knows everything, and is perfection personified....I am also very grateful for my mother-in-law and the wonderful son that she raised, he truly blesses my life everyday! We love each and everyone of you...and miss you more than words can say!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

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Out of the mouths of babes...

In the last week, during scripture time, we have had some choice moments with our girls...

Ever independent (where does that come from?) our girls balk at the notion that only Mom or Dad read the scriptures. Both Maddie and Emma often insist on "reading" their own verses. One night, Maddie resisted all attempts to "help" her read a verse (where Mom reads a bit, and Maddie repeats) most insistent on reading her own verse. So, Miles and I sat back and watched our little girl "choose" her verse. She flipped through a few pages, then "read" the following:

"Behold (here she pauses, waiting for us to repeat) I Laman (pause) to "NeHi" ... scripture power ... in my youth ... be fussy ... be angry ... be happy ... be sad ... be happy ... Behold ... The End"

Out of the mouths of babes :-) Of course, this passage obviously written during a period when Laman was "making good choices?"

Emma, not to be left out, also insisted on "reading" her own verse. Again we sat back and watched our little Emma turn page after page after page after page after page...and just as I was about to intervene...Emma exclaims "OH! There it is!" with such enthusiasm that Miles and I couldn't help but laugh out loud...and the moment was lost, because once you start laughing, Emma MUST laugh with you, and her laugh is soo contagious that you laugh even harder...and the moment slips :-)

Another GREAT Emma moment...earlier last week as Emma and I were waiting for Maddie's bus, the wind was blowing pretty hard and cold. Emma was cuddled in close to Mom seeking shelter from the cold wind. Finally, obviously at the end of her rope, she looks up and says, "Stop it, cold!" then quickly reburied her head. Unfortunately, the wind not knowing who it was dealing with, blew yet again. This time, Emma stuck her head out and yelled, "THE END, cold!"

Thank heaven for little girls!

Everything else is fairly status quo. Miles was gone most of last San Diego. He had a great trip! He has already volunteered for another trip to the man certainly knows how to pick the tough assignments! :-)

In other news, I met with Maddie's teacher a couple of weeks ago, and they have recommended that she remain in school over the summer...she has made such tremendous progress and to make sure that we don't lose any of this hard fought for ground, we'll keep her in school over the summer. She is truly making awesome progress. A couple of weeks ago, I asked her to put on her jeans, when I looked over a few moments later, she had put both feet in one leg...before I could say anything, she pipes up, "Look, I mermaid"! Can you believe that? Even better, last week Maddie said her first completely solo help...and it was a beautiful prayer. I honestly do not have words to describe! :-)

I guess that is pretty much it from the nation's capital! We love and miss each and every one of you!