Friday, February 23, 2007

Emma and Maddie

In the beginning...

Greetings family and friends!

I thought I'd give this "blogging" thing a spin. I am always searching for ways to connect with our ever expanding circle of loved ones. One of the many blessings of military get to meet LOTS of wonderful people...and then you get to leave them. Also, you are pretty much gauranteed to never be anywhere close to anyone! :-) I thought I'd put this out there and try to use this technology to a greater good!

We are all doing really well.

Miles is VERY strung out between work, and school, and church...however, being the AWESOME man that he is, he is still finding time to wind up the kids right before they head off to bed! :-) We are also enjoying having him home this month...he spent most of January gone. :-(

Maddie had minor surgery earlier this month. She had tubes placed in her ears...AGAIN and her adenoinds removed. We had a rough couple of days, but she is back to FULL steam ahead. We also received her latest progress report from school. While the rate of progress has slowed over the last few months (very typical) she is still progressing!! We have begun to notice an improvement in her speech over this last month. Probably because her ears are FINALLY free of the ubiquitos fluid! She is also becoming quite bossy, and has attempted to put Mom, Dad and even Emma into "time out" more than once!

Emma celebrated her 2nd birthday last Sunday. It is a little hard to believe that our "baby" is 2! She is ALL girl! She loves her pretties, and her babies, and especially the 3 purses she got for her birthday...each one filled with a telephone, sunglasses, and make-up! Her favorite place to go is the MALL. Emma is also very keen on being the silliest member of the family. She loves to make us laugh...especially her sister Maddie! We love our Emma!

I am busy with lots of the same old stuff...dishes, laundry, cooking, and cleaning. However, I am loving having Emma all to myself in the morning while Maddie is at school. It is soooo easy with just 1! :-) I am also enjoying the endless questions that Maddie has started to ask...mostly the "What 'dis say, Mommy?" because that often leads to another question and another and before I know it the day is over and I have done absolutely nothing! I love it! that is probably enough for now. I am not really sure how I am going to use this...whether for daily updates, or weekly, or whenever I feel like it...stay tuned! :-)