Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Curly Curls...

Whenever Daddy is gone, we have "girl" parties. These usually involve bubble baths, fingernail painting and "curly curls". Want to let you know that I am aware that Emma has only half a head of curlers...this is not because we ran out, or I lost my patience...NOPE! Emma has the most sensitive scalp of all time. And after getting half of her head done she REFUSED to let any more curlers touch her there you go! When I can get them to sleep in them, they will have the cutest hair. These curlers stayed in most of the day, and produced some beautiful ringlets...however, my girls will NOT sleep in them, so all the curl falls out real quick. SIGH! Someday :-)

Packing Emma...

As Miles is once again a traveling man, our living room is home to the ubiquitous suitcase. One Sunday morning I came downstairs to discover that Emma was IN the front pocket of our largest suitcase "reading" a book to Maddie, who was contentedly sitting beside her. The cuteness just NEVER stops! :-)

Read on...we posted some great video footage....

Super Mom...

This morning was one of my better "Mom" days. You know, the ones where there seems to be magic in the air...the kids are happy, and listen...and you are energetic and animated...and everyone has a blast just being! That was this morning.

We started with Play-Doh. The girls probably spent a good hour creating anything and everything with the Play-Doh kit that Emma received for her birthday yesterday. It was awesome to see their little minds work! We had such a great time...

THEN, we planted strawberries. That's right, strawberries. Last Saturday we were at Wal-Mart and the girls had been soooo awesome all day, and were being great despite the late hour and the fact that they hadn't eaten yet. I was in the gardening section pricing some supplies we'll need for our garden this year, when an end-aisle display caught ALL of our eyes. It was a strawberry planting kit...and it was only $1.98! So, as a reward I let them each pick a kit. So this morning we planted strawberries...we had fun mixing the dirt with water, planting the seeds, and then watering our plants...and then trying to find a sunny place to put them! It was alot of fun.

At this point, I look at my watch and it is only what? Well, fortunately for me..Tuesdays are Romp n' Stomp (this is where they fill a gym on base with every toy known to man, and mothers gather to let their children play!) So, off we went for an hour of play...

It was a great morning!

Our afternoon was filled with the usual naps, and school...a trip to the library, then home for dinner.

As I was putting dinner on the table, I called Maddie down from upstairs. Maddie calls down, "Just a minute, I am not ready yet." Miles and I, puzzled, inquire "Ready for what?" Maddie's reply, "I am not ready for the dinner party yet." The dinner party? Sure enough, not three minutes later our little girl appears at the foot of the stairs dressed in one of her "princess dresses". She then pretends to "ring" the doorbell...which we, of course, answered and graciously invited our nicely dressed guest to please seat herself at the table. She very graciously replied, "Thank You." and took her seat. So, we ate dinner tonight with "Princess Maddie"! :-)

Hope you enjoy the video!

Birthday Card Magic...

Emma received a "music" card from Nana and Papa, and it has been her favorite gift. We captured the following this evening...ENJOY!


Monday, February 18, 2008

February 18th...

A big day in the Maschger family. It is the day that our Emma finally arrived...THREE years ago. Yep...our little Emma celebrated her 3rd birthday today. Our "baby" is three! SIGH!

Emma has been eagerly anticipating her birthday for about a month now...and being Emma, she knew exactly what she wanted and made sure that none of us had a chance to forget the particulars. For example, a "pink Cinderella" cake, dinner at McDonald's...where we would eat IN McDonald's, and of course, chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. I am happy to report that we were able to meet all of her expectations, and that the day seems to have been a success. We are a bit concerned about what will happen tomorrow when she realizes it ISN'T her birthday anymore...:-)

In other big news, we have finally moved our girls out of their toddler beds and into BIG girl beds. In our first ever visit to an IKEA store (which is an experience for any who have not ever been), we selected a bunk bed for our two little girls. After 5 HOURS of assembly, Maddie and Emma "moved" into their bunks. Madelynn is on the top bunk...which she LOVES, except for the actual climbing of the ladder...she does not like climbing the ladder. However, once she gets to the top, her face breaks into an ear-to-ear grin, and she can hardly contain her excitement. Emma is, of course, on the bottom bunk. Her biggest issue is that she can't see Maddie...honestly, the first night she cried and cried, "I can't see my Maddie!" Now, before she goes to sleep, we have to lift her up so she can see Maddie on the top bunk. Pretty cute! :-) We also purchased a dresser, but have yet to find another 5 hours we can devote to its assembly! :-)

What else?

Miles is supposed to be heading to Korea in a week, however the trip has hit some snags, so we'll see. He is insanely busy at work as he is trying to step up and take more responsibility, as per his chain of command's suggestions. He is getting some good experience, but there is a price to be paid...and the currency is time. We are really learning to enjoy the time we have him at home! :-) Actually, up until his trip to New York last week, we had had him home for 3 whole months...the longest time since our arrival almost 2 years ago. I might have gotten a bit spoiled! :-)

Other than that, the girls continue to fill our moments with mirth and merriment! :-) Here are a couple of gems:

A couple of nights ago the girls were in the bathroom brushing their teeth. After brushing, they fill a small disposable Dixie cup with water to "rinse" their mouth. Emma, after taking a drink, exclaims "I LOVE water!" Maddie replies, "I LOVE reindeer!" Miles and I love random! :-)

About a week ago, it was time to read scriptures. Miles asked me if I remembered what we were reading (we read 5 verses a night with our girls), and I replied, "2 Nephi 4: 26-30" Madelynn pipes up and says, "4, like me. I am 4." Emma, not to be outdone says, "And I am 26-30" It is soo great to be a parent!

We love and miss you all!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Maschger Family Pictures

Dancing Princesses...

Last week we had our good friend Ainsley come and play with us...and what do three little girls find to amuse themselves...some great clothes and music...our dancing princesses...

Where, oh where...

has all my time gone?

Somehow...I have let an entirely too long time pass since my last post. My apologies...

I'd love to tell you that the lack of info was due to dull days with nothing lively and exciting to report...but we all know that life rarely deals us such days, much less weeks! :-) On the other hand, as I sit here and try to gather my thoughts, and remember the multiplicity of gems that occurred through the week that both Miles and I said, "That needs to go in the blog"...YEP...can't remember a single one! Could it be the onset of old age?

Ahhh, well...we'll just begin with today. We had an excellent Sabbath day...truly! As our ward is now on the 11:30 schedule, our Sunday mornings have slowed down, and that has been nice. While Miles still has meetings in the morning, he is able to get home most Sundays to help with the final dramatic rush for the door...which I REALLY appreciate! The girls behaved extremely well in Sacrament meeting, except for the minor fit Maddie threw when Mom went up to bear her testimony...other than that no problems. The last couple of Sundays have gone this way...and Miles and I have found ourselves having to actually listen to the speakers...this has taken some getting used to, but I believe we'll adjust eventually! :-)

Upon our arrival at home, Emma went straight to the couch and laid down...a bit unusual for our smallest one, but I chalked it up to a missed nap and carried her up to bed. About an hour later, I found her lying on her bed, wide awake...just staring at the ceiling. A quick hand to the forehead verified that our little Emma was running a fever...a pretty high one. Within an hour she'd downed two full glasses of water/juice, not strayed from her Mommy's lap, and asked no less than a dozen times to go back to bed. Needless to say, we had her in bed and asleep by 6:30...always hate it when my little ones are sick! Madelynn was extremely concerned about her little sister...and kept touching her forehead, and handing her the cup of juice. Maddie even...on her own...went upstairs and brought Emma her "Nana blanket"...which is Emma's special blanket. Our Maddie is such a big girl, and she is very in tune with the needs of others! Yesterday, I was putting up our groceries, and dropped a can on my I rocked back and forth in pain and agony...Maddie appeared at my side, "What is wrong Mommy?" I replied, through gritted teeth, "Nothing, Mommy is fine." Maddie says, ever so concerned, "Mommy, you are not fine. You are crying." Can't fool her! :-)

Anyway, here we are the end of the day with a crazy week ahead. Miles has taken some leave on Wednesday and Thursday...and we are looking forward to having him home. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday to have another chest x-ray to verify that I have cleared out my lungs and am all better...and we have a TON of "spring" cleaning to do! We are in an extreme de-clutter mode these days, and we have learned to run with those moods because they don't come often enough. So, stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the pictures and video :-) Lots of love...