Friday, December 26, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We have news...BIG NEWS!!!

Not the baby kind...sorry, you'll have to stay tuned for that one! :-)

Our BIG NEWS is that a couple of weeks ago - that's called being on the ball - Miles was accepted to the Master's degree program at the National Defense Intelligence College. What does that mean to all you civies? (That's military talk for civilian) It means that the Navy is going to PAY Miles to get his Master's degree...AND...the Navy is going to pay for the degree itself! :-) Not only that...but it also means that our little family will be staying on in the DC area until Miles graduates in August 2010! YIPEE! So, let me sum up...basically, my incredibly hard-working and intelligent husband is going to get to be a full-time student, and in just under 2 years he'll have his very own Master's degree!

In other news...

We have finally finished the "baby's room". This is such a HUGE step for Miles and I, not only because we obviously will be needing the space soon...but because for our entire married life we have always had that one room...a space that had only one use, to hide everything we couldn't find a place for. The room that ALWAYS had the door closed...anyone else have a space like this? Anyway, for the almost 3 years we've lived in this house, we have had an entire bedroom devoted to WHATEVER...junk, papers, books, clothes, old computer equipment, you name it! Over the last month Miles and I have spent pretty much any free moment we have (and let's be expecting parents of a 5 and 3 yr old...there is LOTS of free time!) cleaning out that room, throwing out stuff, giving away stuff, organizing what is left. Last night, we added the finishing touches...sheets on the guest bed, sheets on the crib, baby clothes hung in the closet...yep, it is now LIVABLE space! Over the last 24 hours, Miles and I have found ourselves drawn to the room...just to sit and admire the floor (which hasn't been seen since late 2006)! :-)

Anyway, good thing that we have that "nursery" all done, because our little princess to be is quickly approaching her big debut! I am currently heading to the hospital every Monday for ultrasounds, and non-stress tests...then every Thursday I head back to the hospital for another non-stress test. Then there are the doctor's appointments...spending ALOT of my time running around from babysitters to doctors and back again. According to the first ultrasound (two weeks ago), our little one was already about twice as big as she should be... SO...stay tuned, we are all pretty convinced that she'll make an EARLY appearance, and I'm hoping for sometime around Christmas! :-)

OK...I think that's about it from until next time!

We love and miss you all!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Broken Robot, Part 2

Here is Emma's "turn"!

Broken Robot

Another game of my father' that he played with us quite often. The game of, "Broken Robot". The "robot" lies broken on the floor, with legs and arms sticking straight up. The object is to get all the limbs to the floor...sounds simple. However, the "robot" is BROKEN...and so while you are in the process of lowering one limb, another shoots up...sometimes you get legs and arms down, and the head pops up. Anyway, hours can be spent trying to get the robot completely flat on the floor. The only way my siblings and I ever completely defeated the robot, was when we worked together, were much older, and able to drape our bodies across the robot effectively pinning him to the ground.

In this clip, Madelynn creates an entirely new solution to the problem....ENJOY! :-)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Star Wars Influence

For those of you who know anything about the family I grew up in, we are HUGE Star Wars fans! Fortunately, I married another Star Wars fan, and together we have endeavored to bring up our children in the ways of Star Wars. In fact, I have posted several posts with some classic Star Wars stories, and pictures drawn by Maddie. However, this video takes the cake. One afternoon, after watching a Star Wars movie...I shooed the girls outside to play (trying NOT to raise COMPLETE couch potatoes!) About 5 minutes later, I realize that there are unusual sounds floating in from the backyard. I went to the back door to investigate, and what to my eyes should appear but my two little girls playing Star Wars. Enjoy...

How to play "Volcano"

One of the many games my father played with us when I was a little one, was a game called, "Volcano". I have, of course, passed this wonderful experience on to my little girls. A couple of months ago, the girls were asking to play "volcano", and I had to explain that I couldn't play anymore because the baby in my tummy presented a bit of an impediment. So, not to be thwarted, they turned to their father and begged to play "volcano". Miles, of course, quickly agreed...however, Maddie would not start play until she had showed her father how to play. So, here are Emma and Maddie "teaching" Dad how to play the timeless classic, "Volcano"! (Enjoy Papa!!!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maddie's B-day

"Grease" Maschger-style!

Afraid of rain...

Here is one courtesy of Emma:

It rained through most of the night last night. Emma woke up this morning, and informed me that the picture of Jesus on her wall helped her not be afraid of the rain.

Simple faith, an inspiration to us all!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Lizards and grasshoppers...

A memorable Maddie moment:

This afternoon, I was downstairs on the computer, and the girls were upstairs playing. By "playing" I mean an even mix of laughter, screaming and tears. After one such bout, Madelynn appears at my side with her stuffed lizard wrapped in a couple of pieces of cloth. She informed me that Emma had stepped on her lizard, and that the said lizard was now injured. Being a great Mom, I immediately and GENTLY took the lizard from her arms, and proceeded to examine this poor creature. After a thorough exam, I informed Maddie that all was well, but that she should probably keep the lizard wrapped up for another day, and let him rest. She took the lizard from me, and agreed to take good care of it until their appointment with the doctor tomorrow morning at 8am. She disappeared upstairs, and I returned to the computer.

About 3 minutes later, Madelynn returned with lizard in hand, for their appointment (apparently I was the doctor). I gave the lizard another examination, and proclaimed him completely recovered. Maddie then let me know that the lizard's tongue was also broken, so that he couldn't catch bugs anymore. I told her that I would recommend she squish some bugs and feed her lizard until his tongue was better. Maddie replied, "OH! Great idea! He loves bug pie! I will make him some bug pie!" Off she went....

About 10 minutes later, she again appears at my side, with the lizard again wrapped from head to tail in cloth. She explained that while she was making the bug pie some grasshoppers jumped on her lizard, and they hurt him. Trying to contain the laughter, I remarked that perhaps she should not have used such mean grasshoppers. Maddie quickly replied, "Oh, they weren't mean grasshoppers, they are nice grasshoppers...but they had pointy toes." How I love the imagination on this kid! :-) I, of course, administered to the poor lizard, and sent her off once again.

The moral of the story, watch out for grasshoppers with pointy toes...because while they are nice, they apparently LOVE to jump on your back, and the results can be disastrous...just ask Maddie's lizard! :-)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Times that fly...

I realize that it has been another terribly long time since our last post. Of all, I think I am the saddest about this fact, because when I am writing often, the little things are remembered and recorded to be treasured for ever after. Every day that flies by is filled with soo many moments that I try to catalog with a "I've got to write that down", and then the moment flies by, and it is gone. SIGH! This week I have spent some time reading some past journals of mine...from like age 16...when I actually wrote EVERY day. I am soooo grateful that I recorded what I did...while alot of it is "I LOVE so and so" or " Such and such is the end of existence as I know it"...all the drama of a 16 year old girl. As an adult, as a parent, I read through each entry with an entirely different set of eyes, and I am learning so much from my 16 year old self! Who knew? :-)

Anyway, the moral of the story? I must be better, because time is flying by in my little ones lives, and they are moments I won't ever get back...and who knows what they or their children, or their children's children will learn from all that is a day in the life of the Maschger family.

So, here is today:

Actually, a fairly typical morning...girls up and dressed, etc. Then we settled in to our "home school". We had a great morning in school, and towards the end I suddenly remembered that it was Tuesday...Romp n' Stomp! Our favorite Tuesday morning activity. Using this as a motivator, I quickly had the girls through the rest of their assignments, and we were on our way. As always, they had a blast, and Mom enjoyed the adult conversation! :-)

Back at home in time to feed Maddie lunch, and then get her on to the bus. Today however, Emma and I had to race back home and load up to go visiting teaching. We had a great time, and I had a great experience...I have the PERFECT VT companion! We have an ideal set up, she sets the appointments, and I do the lesson. This month, I completely flaked the whole thing, and when I realized...while fixing the girls' lunches...that I was VTing this afternoon, I also realized that I had not yet read the lesson. So, being the multi-tasking genius that I am, I quickly read through the lesson while fixing lunches and packing Maddie's backpack for school. However, as I buckled Emma in her carseat, I sent up a silent plea to my Father in Heaven...first to forgive me for being such a flake, and then for LOTS of help! The thought came to me that I should just ask the sisters we teach if they'd read the lesson. Well, duh? I do that anyways...all the time...and usually the answer is no. But, I thought it best to run with whatever I crazy thought or not, I asked at each of our visits, "Did you get a chance to read the lesson, yet?" BOTH answered, "YES! And I loved..." and then they proceeded to share with us two completely different thoughts, that were both so inspiring! Lesson: ALWAYS follow the promptings of the Spirit!

Back at home, Miles and I switched into high gear to get our house clean because our good friends the Neweys were BRINGING us dinner! :-) Both girls pitched in and helped. Emma helped her Dad with the bathroom, and Maddie eagerly helped Mom vacuum. How I love our little ones when they are actively engaged in a good you think Heavenly Father feels the same for each of us when we are so engaged?! :-) We finished early, and spent some time just hanging out. Maddie spent her time writing a book about Hansel and Gretel, which she gave to the Neweys...LUCKY! Emma and Mom played some Chutes and Ladders, and Memory, and Crazy Eights! (Dad was working on homework :-() The girls were in rare form for the dinner party...I am not sure Maddie stopped talking the ENTIRE time! For a child that took so long to talk to us, she seems to be intent on making up on lost time...she NEVER seems to stop! The girls were an eager audience for Bro. Newey's magic show, and we are not sure who was having more fun...the girls, or the rest of us watching the girls! :-) The magic show left quite the impression on Maddie, who in her personal prayers tonight asked Heavenly Father to bless Bro. Newey's magic, and to bless ALL boys to be magic! :-) How we love our children!

That's about it from here...Miles is working on oodles of homework, and I am trying to stay up until 10pm so I can take my meds. It is a tough job, but someone has to do it!

So here are a couple of gems from the last few weeks:

Emma is sitting at the table (in a dress...the only thing she'll wear) "writing" on a piece of paper. With tremendous pride, she cries out,
EMMA: Look Mom, I wrote an "H" all by my self!
MOM: WOW! Emma you are such a smarty-pants.
EMMA (with slight scowl): Actually, I am not a smarty-pants, I am a smarty-dress.

Madelynn, in tears, because Emma isn't sharing something that is Emma's...I think it was one of Emma's babies...Mind you, Maddie has several babies of her own, but had decided that she needed Emma's baby, and had come downstairs to complain that Emma wasn't "sharing"...
MADDIE: Emma won't share with me.
MOM: Well, you can't make Emma share with you.
MADDIE: Yes, I can. I have magic now!

Madelynn at the dinner table with a large plate of cookies in front of her. As a family, we are enjoying dessert...each has been given one cookie. Maddie has quickly INHALED hers:
MADDIE (reaching for a cookie on the plate): Can I have this cookie, say "Of course" (...that was all said in one breath)

Emma on being told it was time for bed...
EMMA: Bedtime? No way, I am still freakin' out! (...not sure over what, just seemed to be her phrase for the moment)

I have often been caught in these awesome parenting moments...those moments when you are sooo grateful that these wonderful little spirits are going to be yours forever. At these times, I often say to my girls, "I love you! Can I be your Mom forever and ever?" Generally, the answer is, "Yes". Last week, Maddie had this reply:
MADDIE: Yes! You can be my Mom even when I throw temper tantrums! is one of my favorites of all time. In our house Maddie, Emma and Mom love to eat hot dogs...Dad does NOT! In fact, the smell makes him nauseous. Often, on a Saturday, the girls will ask for hot dogs for lunch, and I'll explain that we can only eat those on days when Daddy is at work, because he doesn't even like the smell. Well, a while back Miles was home in the middle of the week, and completely without thinking, I made Maddie a hot dog for lunch. Miles had been upstairs working on something, when he came downstairs Maddie took one look at him and started to cry! Through her tears she apologized for eating a hot dog, and frantically tried to cover Miles nose. It took quite a bit of consoling for Daddy to assure Maddie that he was OK, and that it was just fine for her to eat her hot dog even when Daddy was home. Such a compassionate little soul..

ANOTHER great Maddie moment - During the Saturday morning session of Conference, sometime after the children have lost all interest in paying attention, and Miles and I had stopped fighting it...I hear from down the hall the familiar voice of my Maddie saying a prayer. I immediately tune in to hear, "Heavenly Father, please bless me with strength, wisdom and power so I can understand them" She concluded her prayer, then came back into the room, climbed up next to me, and explained that she said a prayer to help her understand what they were saying...and then she focused in on conference (for about 10 more minutes)...but what a great moment! The other cute conference the Saturday afternoon session there was a Primary choir that sang. For EACH song, our girls had to stand on either side of the TV and sing along with the children...they considered themselves a part of the choir! :-)

OK...I should probably give you your lives back. See? If I wrote more, then there wouldn't be sooo much to write!:-) Until next time...

We love and miss you all!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

For my Mom and Dad! :-)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Deep thoughts from a three year old

Emma; our very smart three year old, asked us these questions this week.

Here are the topics. Discuss!!!

1) Do butterflies have teeth?
2) Do birds poop? and is it white?
3) What are chemicals? Is it cricket poop? (Followed by a long list of things that she knows that go poop. She wasn't on the list!!!! Argh!!!!)

Are you smarter than a three year old? Let us know.

Maddie today played doctor with all of dolls. Apparently, there was a very contagious disease going around today. All of the dolls were sick and in the hospital with Maddie as their doctor. Thankfully, she did not lose one patient. However, on her way to bed she kept on asking Tam to feel her forehead because she was sick too. She obviously has not learned to the pull sick card Monday morning before school, not friday afternoon after school, and I am not going to be the one to tell her.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Emma Avoiding Dinner

Emma had decided that she did not want to eat her dinner, again. We fought her a lot to try and get her to eat her dinner. She spent a considerable amount time in time out, and then Tam and I decided that she should stay at the table until she finished her dinner. Our Emma is a very stubborn girl (she gets that from her mother). She was there for about 45 minutes to an hour. I decided to show her an increase in love went over to talk to her and this is what I found. I am not sure who "won" this battle of wills. She did stay at the table, but she ended up not having to finish her dinner because we put her to bed. Either way it was a very cute, memorable ending to a very rough dinner.

So... its been a while

I realize that it has been a while since Tam and I last updated the blog. So I thought I would fill everyone in on what has been happening in our lives.


However, I'll let you know some of the cute things that our girls have done lately.

"Mommy help me"

Emma is definitely is a girl, and she is into lotion. Tam and I were in the kitchen when suddenly Emma cries out panicked saying "Mommy help me". When Tam and I came into the room Emma had squirted too much lotion on her legs. She had apparently been trying to desperately "rub" in the excess, but had realized it wasn't working...It was like she was a greased watermelon on the fourth of July. That is when Tam realized it was the tanning lotion that she smeared all over her legs. We tried to squeegee her off. Yes, she does have a great tan, at least on her legs.

Another Emma gem...One of Emma's favorite things to do at the dinner table, is ask each of us what our favorite part of the day was...literally something she does EVERY night! Tonight, she started the rounds..."Maddie, what was your favorite part of the day?", etc. After making the rounds, she turns to the Brita water pitcher and says, "Water, what was your favorite part of the day?" and then she grabbed the empty pitcher and moved the top hatch open and closed (like it was "talking") while she said (in a high pitched voice) "My favorite part was when Daddy came home." Then she laughed and laughed and laughed! It is so nice to watch the little sense of humor blooming!

Safety violation...This is for all of you who have little ones, and have spent a wee bit of your time enjoying the fabulous programming on Disney Channel. Ever seen that wonderful little time filler called "Safety Patrol"? Well, Maddie has apparently latched onto this great concept, and often wanders around the house with a magnifying glass seeking out "safety violations"! A while ago at a dinner of burritos, Maddie glances at Tam's plate, and cries out, "Do you see a safety violation?" She then proceeds to sing the theme music, before she announces the problem...tonight's violation..."Mom, you don't have any salsa on your plate." :-)

All cuteness aside...

Maddie started school this week. She likes going to school. Tam has also begun doing school at home for the girls. They both really love to have school at home with mom.

Tam is definitely nesting, and I fully support it. She is working on organizing the kitchen. We have become IKEAified. This past weekend we went to IKEA and bought a lot of stuff to help us organize.

I have been really busy with work, and well that work stinks. Only 12 more years till I can retire from the Navy, and then get a job as a walmart greeter.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

SO...Guess what?

For those of you NOT aware, we are pregnant. (Thought I'd get that out there...just in case it catches anyone off-guard)

This Wednesday we went in for "THE" ultrasound. You know, the one where the primary purpose is listed on the insurance sheet "anatomy screen"...but really, for those who want to know, you can finally end weeks of debating, and guessing and KNOW the sex of the small one within. BOTH Miles and I are BIG advocates for "knowing"...and as it has been pointed out to us, it is still a "surprise" it just comes 20 weeks earlier! :-) I killing you? We know.

The rest of the week was CRAZY! Miles continues to fight the good fight at work. I am getting a but tired of constantly writing..."work is brutal for Miles"...but it seriously has not seemed to let up FOREVER. Could this be "adulthood"? If so, we'd like a refund! Needless to say, he is working constantly exhausted, and gets to come home and take care of his "horror-mone" driven wife. Poor man...:-(

As for the girls and I, we kept ourselves busy with playdates, and rehearsals. Our ward had its annual Talent Show Friday night, and our little princesses participated! In a MASSIVE effort, one amazing sister managed to throw together a delightful little dance number...that involved 8-10 little girls (ages 3-6?) dressed up in their finest princess gowns! It literally stole the this unbiased observer! I have to let you know that Maddie turned in quite the stellar performance...including LOTS of extra spins, singing, and hand waving at Dad. Emma did a wonderful job...followed the directions beautifully, and even remembered her part...which was jumping into a laundry basket and being pushed around the stage. It was awesome. We got some video, and once I work it over a bit...we'll post it! Well worth the watch!

In other news, Maddie is supposed to start school this week...despite the fact that I have heard nothing from her teacher, or from the bus companies with pick up times and places. She will be attending the ECI class again (a sort of "special education" preschool program). I think she is pretty conflicted with the whole approaching school thing...there is ALOT she likes about school...but she isn't real fond of the "work" part of school. So, I get alot of excitement, and a little bit of apprehension. Pretty normal.

Emma is excited, because Mommy has decided that Emma is LONG overdue for some "schooling" herself. Since my little 3-yr old is trying VERY hard to read...pointing out every word she sees between our house and wherever we may be headed...not to mention what she sees in the house. (You never realize how prevalent words are in our society, until you have a 3-yr old constantly asking "What does that say, Mom?") Anyway, I figure Maddie could benefit from some light academic we are going to start school in the mornings! (Because I didn't have enough going on in my life!) :-)

Overall, I am doing quite well. I have GREAT days where I get TONS accomplished...nesting from sun-up to sun-down. Then, I have other days. However, everything seems to be great...the baby is doing well, all her anatomy checked out, and she is estimated to already weigh a whooping 9 ounces!

We have a TON of pics and videos to post...maybe I'll get to that this week :-) We love and miss you all!

The Maschgers - Miles, Tamara, Madelynn, Emma, and...?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pirate Princess's

I wish the camera's batteries didn't die, because I thought that it was funny. Our girls were invited to one of their friends birthday party's. The theme was a pirate party, and everyone was to come dressed up as a pirate. We did try to get them to dress up as something pirate themed. However, my girls weren't interested at all at being pirates. So instead they went as princesses, because they wear their princess dresses more than they wear their own clothes. So we said they were the damsels in distress. It was pretty cute to see the damsels in distress at a pirate party.

Other news! Tam's pregnancy is going well. The only real craving she has had is for Mexican food. We think that she is going to give birth to a little Mexican kid. I have been really busy at work, and trying to keep out of trouble.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What I am black!!! and other amusing stories

Just thought that I would share some funny stories that happened today. This afternoon I was changing Emma's pull-up and she was "playing" the Wii with Papa and Aunt Kristie, when she saw a Mii that was black, and she suddenly exclaimed "What I am black!!??" Sometimes it is great to quote your kids.

Since Maddie is big girl she doesn't need any help going to potty. However, today after being a big girl she came out in all of her glory with a strip of toliet paper hanging like a tail from her derriere. Why didn't we have a camera... that would be the perfect picture to show her future fiance, which currently is Jamal.

Then tonight we were walking around the mall and just came out of the Disney store, when Emma in all of her excitement wanted to show Mommy her pretty "Belle" panties. Dropped her shorts right in the middle of the mall. The last time I did that I was arrested. Its an injustice.

Other than that Tam and I are enjoying have Nana, Papa, and Aunt Kristie here with us. They will be leaving tomorrow, so Tam and I will have to take care of ourselves again. Sometimes it stinks to be an adult.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

That's time-out for everyone!!!

Here is a picture of our lovely family. We finally had a moment of peace today.

P.S. They were both in time-out because they did not what to have clean-up time.

Its all sunshine and roses

This past week has been good. We have had the pleasure of having Tam's mother, father, and sister with us this week. We also had my Sister, her husband, and her daughter here on Saturday. So it has been a great week with the family. Of course we were busy trying to keep everything else going too. I still had to go to work and deal with the fun of the Navy, and Tam isn't any less pregnant (this is a very very good thing).

Tam and I went to her doctor last week, and things are still going well. Her diabetes seems to be doing well, and we were able to hear the baby's heartbeat. Hearing the heartbeat is what makes it real for me. I really enjoy hearing the little whoosh-whoosh at 150 beats-per-minute.

Church was extra fun today. Both our girls decided that they did not want to go to church today. Maddie even tried to malinger, fiegning a fever. She kept on asking Tam to feel her forehead, and coughing a fake cough. However, today was a day where both Mom and I had lessons to teach. Not really a day we could skip. Emma made it difficult to get out the door, and Maddie had a half-hour long temper-tantrum once we got to church. I missed over half of the Sacrament meeting. Because I was either out in the car, foyer, or hallway with a screaming Maddie. She finally calmed down enough for us to attend the end of sacrament meeting. However, she would not go to primary. That is until she realized how boring Mom's and Dad's classes were. Then she decided she wanted to go to primary, and apparently (according to her primary teachers) was very good. Sometimes I just don't understand my children. But I love them!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dresses, kites, vacation and more!

How our children grow...

Enjoy this wonderful clip of Miles "watering" our girls...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Primary spotlight...

SO, I was prepping to post several pictures from Miles re-enlistment yesterday, when I realized that I am woefully behind in the pics department. SO, in an effort to keep these entries as "in order" as possible...I better start where I left off. Here is Maddie doing a re-play of her Primary spotlight. We were given a piece of posterboard, and I let Maddie tell me what pictures she wanted to put on, and she did an excellent job decorating it. She did even better when she got up in front of the entire Primary, and told them all about herself! What is equally entertaining is how Emma insisted on having a turn...and so you get "Maddie's spotlight" by Emma! :-)Enjoy!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where have the Maschgers gone?

We are here. I realize that it has been insanely long since I have posted, and I apologize for our prolonged absence from the blogging scene. We have been so incredibly busy with vacation, and doctor's appointments, and general family craziness that carving out even a few moments to jot down the latest has apparently fallen pretty low on our priority list...I'll try harder! :-)

So...what is the latest from the Maschger clan?

Well, we survived the "vacation" of all vacations. It would require a novel of moderate size to relate all of our let me sum up! :-) We began with a leak in the hydraulic system of our aircraft, delaying our flight about 8 hours. After such a promising start, you would think we could drop no lower...stay tuned. We spent the next week with Miles' family, and we had a GREAT time! The girls really enjoyed playing with their cousins, and hanging out with Grandma's day of the great things about Grandma's house there is ALWAYS someone to play with and TONS of toys to play with. The girls especially enjoyed the large swing set outside, and spent alot of time in the backyard! After about a week, we made the drive down to Phoenix, AZ to visit Miles wonderful sister Alyssa and family. (We call that a trip-within-a-trip!) :-) It was fun to travel with Grandma and Grandpa, and meet a whole new set of cousins. While we were in Phoenix, we had the AWESOME opportunity to attend the beautiful sealing of two of our dearest friends. It was such a beautiful event, and we enjoyed reconnecting with old friends. Miles and I also took the opportunity of being able to escape "kid-free" and celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Lots happening in Phoenix...and all in 100+ degree heat. (TIP: summer is NOT the time to "enjoy" Phoenix) :-)

CUTE MADDIE STORY: Have to interrupt and share...Upon our arrival in Phoenix, Miles opens the door and lets Maddie out of the car. Maddie steps onto the sidewalk in front of the house, and stops. Miles says to her, "It's warm, huh?" Maddie looks up at Miles and says, "No, Dad, it is HOT!" :-)

However, we had a great time, and it came to an end way to soon. We drove back to Colorado Springs, and then just one day later boarded a plane to head home to Maryland. While our flight from Colorado Springs to Houston came off without a hitch, we got completely hosed in Houston. A major storm system moved in, and after delaying our flight for several hours, they finally had to cancel the flight...along with 33 other flights, and sent us all to one desk to reschedule! We truly have the BEST luck when flying! Anyway, about 3 hours later, we had booked a flight leaving the next morning...and we had two VERY hungry, and tired, and completely disoriented children. (By the time we left the next morning, Emma was crying because she wanted to stay at the airport!) We were very fortunate to book a room at the Marriott hotel that is actually a part of the airport (which was a bonus, because we had no car we had checked them) Not only was this hotel close, it was actually VERY quiet, and after a little room service, and a movie...our exhausted small ones drifted off to sleep. Fortunately our flight to Maryland the next day was fairly uneventful...Maddie was afraid the plane was going to leave us, so she had a complete meltdown as we got on the plane...and then Emma, suddenly decided during takeoff that she didn't want to sit next to Dad she wanted to sit next to Mom, and a massive temper tantrum followed. Miles and I were sooo relieved when no one asked us to remove ourselves from the plane! Lest you think our adventures are quite over...just a little morsel to wrap up our tale... Upon arrival in Baltimore, we discovered that while we, and our luggage had all made the trips...our car seats had not! SERIOUSLY! So, we had to wait while Miles filed a claim for our missing car seats, and the airline located some for us to borrow so we could get our children home. Needless to say by the time we crossed the threshold of our little home, we didn't leave for several days! :-)

We are now firmly back in the swing of things! I have been averaging about 2-3 doctor's appointments a week...but I am sooo grateful to have a doctor who is being so careful with everything! About a week before we left for vacation, I found out that I have diabetes...and have spent the last month and a half working through that drama. However, it seems that everything is coming together...and that is a relief. Everything else seems to be perfectly fine with the baby...I heard the hearbeat just last Friday, and it is beating strong at 160! :-) I have an ultrasound scheduled for stay tuned for pictures...maybe! :-)

Miles is keeping busy with work. Probably enough said on that topic... He is re-enlisting this Friday, and we have very mixed feelings about it. By the time this enlistment is up he will have served 14 years, so we are making the Navy a career...a BIG step.

Other than that...not much else. I'm going to try and get some pictures up soon, but right now I need to go and clean the kitchen...and eat something! :-)

Love you all!

Friday, May 30, 2008


The following post represent the views of the speaker only and do not necessarily reflect the views of management. Anybody who knows Miles knows that he had to marry a woman twice as smart and twice as good looking so the kids could have half a chance. Its a good thing he married up.

--Maschger Family Management

To my husband!


As this is Miles' 33rd b-day, I wanted to take the few minutes of quiet I have (Backyardigans are on!) and tell my sweet husband how much I love and appreciate him! I will be eternally grateful that this wonderful man was born just 33 short years ago today! There are so many things that I love and appreciate about name a few:

1. His sense of humor - it was one of the very first things that attracted me to him. I love his wit, and his sarcasm, and the complete randomness of who he is...there is NEVER a dull moment! :-)
2. His integrity - it is such a remarkable quality to do the right thing, because it is the right thing - it brings me the greatest comfort to know that regardless he will always do the right thing!
3. His commitment to him family - I could not have married a better man, for he is completely committed to fulfilling his role in his family. He is an incredible father, who readily puts the needs of his children first and foremost! He is an awesome husband, who takes such good care of his slightly control-freak, neurotic wife! :-) Backyardigans is over, thus closing my window of opportunity! Regardless,

Miles I love you! I love you more and more crazy as I know that sounds...but it is true! I love that man that you are! I am soo grateful for every single experience and choice that you have made in your life because I know that each one created the righteous and wonderful man that you are today...the perfect man for me! Happy Birthday, my love! :-)

From the Maschgers...

The BIG news here is appears I am pregnant - AGAIN - remarkably! While we struggled with keeping this all hush hush given the miscarriage LAST MONTH, we decided to follow the counsel of Pres. Hinckley and let our faith exceed our fears! Besides, we can obviously use all the faith and prayers we can get...

We actually found out the 18th. I have already had TONS of lab work done, and LOTS more to come this coming week...however, at this point most everything is looking pretty good. I am fighting the nausea already...and we take that as a good sign. I have never been so excited to be sick to my stomach! :-)

We'll keep you posted as whatever develops! We love and miss and appreciate you all!

The Maschgers

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Too long...

Here are a couple of pictures of the girls in their "Easter/Conference/Mother's Day dresses" :-) I tried to take these about 3 seconds before we walked out the door, and obviously Emma was extremely upset with me...for what I don't know...but enjoy! :-)

Greetings! Remember us? We wanted to let you all know that we are still here...and doing well. There has been soo much going on in our little family over the last couple of weeks, yet, as always, when I sit at the computer to tell all, I can't remember a thing. Should I be concerned? :-) How about a break down by family member...

Emma has really blossomed over the last month. We are seeing a whole new dimension to our littlest one. While she is still 3 and continues to operate under the principle that the known universe does revolve around her and her needs...and woe to any who happen to be in her way! She has developed this incredible ability to analyze a situation, see a need and assess how to fill that need, and then...under her own power...fill that need. For example, last week we had finished dinner, and in one of my lazier moments, had left the table without clearing our plates. Miles and I were on the couch talking, and Maddie was upstairs playing. Suddenly I realized that there was something going on in the kitchen. I turned around to see my 3 year old clearing the LAST plate off the table. Our little one had come back to the table, and taken each plate...scrapped its contents into the trash (we don't have a garbage diposal :-( ) and then placed each dish in the sink...all without the slightest comment from us. In fact, it hadn't even registered what was going on until she was almost finished. Or, a couple of days ago, Maddie (who is still wearing a pull-up at night) was in the bathroom and called for some help. I left Emma downstairs, and headed up to help. After lending a hand, I turned around to find Emma standing in the bathroom door with Maddie's "big girl" panties in hand. On her own, she had realized that Maddie would need those, and had taken it upon herself to fill that need. Miles and I are in awe of this new we must find a way to reconcile the "saint" with the "drama queen"! :-)

Maddie has had a difficult month. She has really felt the stress of the family as we have dealt with the miscarriage, and some issues at Miles' work. However, being aware of it, and how to deal with it are two very different things. Madelynn has struggled and we have seen some drastic regressions in her behaviors. However, after an excellent session with her behavioral therapist, we are very encouraged. We are re-instituting heavy structure...the picture schedules, the hopes that this will re-center her...and once re-centered the behaviors will recede. Another indication to the extreme intelligence of our little girl, she has apparently decided that writing your name from left to right is too boring...and will write her name right to left, perfectly flipping each letter. SIGH! The therapist was quick to point out that while this involves some crafty thought processes, as Maddie makes powerful associations that are extremely difficult to break down, it would be best if she understood that names are written left to right. :-) A bright, shiny moment in her month came last week. I was watching a friend's son, who is also autistic. At one point a misunderstanding sent this young man bolting out of the house...I, of course, went to the door to call him back in, and was not making any progress...when Maddie darted out of the house under my arm, walked right up to him and said, "It's ok. Calm down. Count to 10...calm down." He looked at her, calmed down and followed her right back into the house, where he sat next to her on the couch as they watched a movie. Not one single problem after that. Again, I am soo often taken back by the powerful spirits my little ones possess and I marvel as I watch those spirits march forward, grow and become who they are to be. It was an incredible moment to witness!

Miles is a very busy man. While we have really enjoyed having him home for the last few months, he has been putting in some extremely long days. He is completely addicted to "CrossFit", a new workout regime that is apparently all the rage. He, my NON-morning person husband, is getting up at 4:45 every morning to get down to Bollings AFB for the CrossFit class. If Miles is at home, chances are he is on the computer researching the numerous facets of CrossFit. At work, Miles found out recently that he is going to be taking on alot more responsibility...while he is waay excited to be stretching himself, there is a steep learning curve, and he is working hard to fill in the "gaps" in his experience! As the ward's mission leader, our ward missionaries are keeping him busy as well. In just the last two weeks, they have committed 4 investigators to baptism! It is sooo awesome to watch the Lord magnify who and what we are...we have been truly blessed to be a part of this process, and are looking forward to a BIG baptism June 7th! As always, Miles continues to be an incredible husband and father...the girls favorite part of the day is when their Daddy comes home. They launch themselves out the front door, down the sidewalk and into his arms! :-) The first question they ask in the morning is, "Is Daddy at work today?" and when the answer is yes, their faces fall, and they say, "I miss my Daddy"! Me too! :-)

Me? Well, besides being a part of all that is my wonderful family, I am really looking forward to taking a vacation in 23 days! :-) Probably my biggest news would be that I finally went to the salon and had them chop a little over 12" from my hair! I LOVE IT!!!!!! I was able to donate the hair to "Wigs for Kids" which was awesome! Emma has told me on several occasions that she doesn't like my short hair, and Maddie hasn't stopped asking when can she get her hair cut short! :-) I had a wonderful Mother's Day last Sunday. My husband managed to surprise me with a gift (this is quite a hard thing for him to do, because I do the budget and I check our account pretty much every morning!) The wonderful man that he is, used money that he had to buy me "Veronica Mars, Season 1", as I am a bit of a Veronica junkie (thanks, Caryn and Crystal!) it was the perfect gift, and made even more special by his sacrifice of using "his" money! And while church meetings precluded any breakfast-in-bed scenario, he really worked hard to make it a wonderful day! :-) I truly married the best of men! :-) That's about it from here...

We love and miss you all! :-)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Seriously, I LOVE my girls! Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Look what I can do!

So, I know I have posted these pictures before, but I almost feel creative...and I had to share! :-)

Click to play March 29th, 2008
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Happity-Haps

Since Tam has been a little out of it this past week. I have decided to make a few changes around here. As you may of noticed I changed the format, included a random game (just in case the content of the blog bores you), and I am now adding a post. I have also instituted the “must have ice cream with every meal rule”. Oddly enough Tam doesn't let me do the grocery shopping on my own. I don't see want is wrong with ensuring we have plenty of cake, cookies, and ice cream. Who knows with a little more time what other changes might occur, but let's not get to crazy. I am just hoping that these changes stick before Tam realizes what is going on.

As was mentioned in an earlier post, this week has been really tough on all of us. It is amazing how quickly you become attached to a baby in the womb. We only knew of it for about 11 days, and we are feeling the loss no differently then if it was one of our other family members. However, everyday the sun rises and then sets, and each day it gets better. If there is one truism about life, is that life must go on. So tomorrow I will be back at work, Tam will be the perfect mother, and Maddie will go back to school.

Yesterday, was a very busy day. A friend of mine from work invited my girls to his 7 years-old daughter's birthday party at JumpZone. This is one of those places with the big blow-up slides and trampolines. I don't know what was more fun watching the girls get really excited and run and jump around on these things, or watching the three million other kids high on sugar and adrenaline. The screaming; ah, yes, I loved the screaming kids. I was reminded how much I love MY OWN KIDS. I lost Madelynn a couple times because I would turn my back to check on Emma, and Madelynn would run off to a new spot. Oh, and did I mentioned that Tam stayed at home to rest, so I was outnumbered.

Then we had a ward activity, a chili cook-off. Members bring their various types of chili to be judged. I have tasted the hottest chili I have ever tasted in my life. If I had any tape worms, I wouldn't anymore. They would have been burnt out of me. I think that chili that hot was created solely on dare. I ate it and cried like a little school girl. Ain't no shame in my game.

A fun game from the past

Friday, April 18, 2008

An update...

Tuesday morning I began to bleed heavily, and through the course of this week have miscarried.

It has been an incredibly emotional week for all of us. Miles and I have really struggled, and our sweet little Madelynn cried and cried when we told her there would be no baby. She offered us her money from her bank to "buy" back the baby. Emma brought me my pre-natal vitamins, which the girls called, "baby medicine" believing that that would make it all better. How we love our little girls!

We have been greatly blessed by an outpouring of love and support from our friends and family. How grateful we are for each of you and the wonderful examples that you are.

Miles command gave him most of the week off...without charging us any leave, and they sent us a beautiful flower arrangement. There are times when the Navy really comes through for us...and I am glad that one of those times was this week.

We are all relatively well, and I seem to be recovering quickly. We have drawn tremendous strength from our knowledge that all these things are known to our loving Father in Heaven. We know in whom we have placed our trust...all these things are in the Lord's hands, and we are willing to accept His will. We are sad, but we are ok.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some news...

For all our Maschger Musings readers...we have BIG news!

On April 4th, 2008 we learned that we are expecting number 3!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!! We are sooooooooooo very excited, as this has been a moment in the workings for at least the last 18 months! :-) As far as I can calculate, we are looking for a delivery sometime around December 11th. Madelynn is quite possibly the most excited out of all of us...she tells everyone she sees that her "mommy has a baby in her tummy"! I am really looking forward to the weeks and months ahead (especially since I haven't had any vomiting, yet!) as our little girls are a part of this process...hearing the heart beat, and feeling it move and kick...basically, we are one excited family! :-)

Love you all!

Trains, Kites and Cherry Blossoms

On March 29, 2008 our little family FINALLY decided that it was time to venture down into DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival. As we have been here for two years, and only have one year left on this assignment...better late than never! :-) So, we recruited the Carter family, our good friends who live 8 whole doors down from us, and headed out! Anyway, here are a few pictures of our adventure!

Ready to go! That is Emma underneath the her defense, it was a cold, blustery March day!

Emma, Madelynn and good friend, Atticus, on the Metro. There is magic in a train ride! :-)

Our original plan was to enjoy the cherry blossoms in full bloom...what a treat to arrive on the Mall during the Smithsonian's annual kite festival! There were hundreds of kites EVERYWHERE! To this day, if you ask Emma what she liked most about this day her answer is, "I liked the Spiderman kite!" :-)

WWII Memorial. This is the first time I had ever seen it with the is truly impressive memorial that demands reverence and honor for this chapter in history. Miles and I were very moved...

Atticus, Maddie and Emma enjoy the beautiful day, and the trash in the Tidal Basin! :-)

The "pink trees", as our girls called them. It was a truly spectacular sight, and I am sooo glad that we finally made it! :-)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Is fashion sense genetic?

How I truly LOVE my beautiful children, and the many ways that they are discovering their presence in this world...that they are a unique entity. Our Emma has a VERY STRONG personality (not saying which side that came from) and she ALWAYS knows what is best for her! While this offers some challenges, I have chosen NOT to fight her in the arena of fashion. I try very hard not to impose on her budding sense of self...and the result is this enchanting ensemble. We have a dress that was several sizes too small, pants (Mom did interfere with the notion of running around half-naked!) tights, flip-flops and a winter coat...BACKWARDS! This fetching outfit turned many heads at the commissary, and drew more than a few chuckles. It took me a good 20 minutes to get into the commissary, because her flip-flops kept sliding off her stocking covered feet! Seriously....I LOVE my kids!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Talking about fairies...

What a marvelous thing our children are...ever keeping us on our toes!

Yesterday, during the sacrament, Miles leaned over and whispered into Maddie's ear, "Who do we think about during the sacrament?" Maddie replied, "Jesus. I am talking to Jesus right now, because I am telling him I want to be a fairy." Miles, of course, chuckled...leaned over and was in the process of relating this gem to me, when Maddie...very aware that we were talking about her...asks in a "whisper" (that's the quiet voice that can be heard several rows in all directions!) "Dad, do you want to be a fairy too?" Miles head snapped around, and he exclaimed (in an almost whisper) most emphatically, "Boys are NOT fairies!" At this point, I am using everything I have to not laugh right out loud...not sure what was more amusing, my daughter's desire to be a fairy, or my husband's obvious aversion to being a fairy. When Maddie capped off the conversation with, "Yes they are. There are boy fairies in Barbie Fairytopia." Hard to argue with logic like that!

On a spiritual side: Miles and I decided yesterday that since we get home from church around 3:30pm, we would forgo "quiet time" and opt for an earlier bedtime. This makes incredible sense when you are discussing...that, of course, dooms it to failure in it actual execution! :-) We were managing to keep Thing 1 and Thing 2 fairly happy until we sat down to dinner. I had made Chicken n' Dumplings, a meal the girls love. I placed a bowl of steamy goodness in front of each of my children...and they both promptly began to cry, and whine about how the "hate" this meal...they "hate" chicken...they "don't like" bread. Miles and I ate our meal, and our dessert to the melodious tones of our screaming, crying children. We reminded them that they would stay at the table until they ate their meager meals, or until it was time for bed. As it had been a long day for Miles and I as well as out little angels, bedtime came VERY early! Miles and I had had enough after about 20 minutes...and opted to end the agony for all parties involved. After clearing off the table (all the while there was much weeping and wailing) we transitioned straight to clean up and PJs. Honestly...such a scene you have never seen...there is nothing like the hungry, tired child...the drama! We managed to sniffle our way through scripture time, and Miles asked our Maddie to say family prayer. Our weeping 4 yr old says a very typical prayer, but as she says "Amen", she looks to me and says, "Mom, Heavenly Father is talking to my heart." Seizing this moment for all that it was, I asked, "And what is He saying?". She replies, "He told me to be kind, and that it will be will all be OK." And our little girl, who'd spent the last hour crying over anything and everything...had stopped crying, went easily to her bed, and fell quickly asleep. There is not a doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father was talking to Maddie's heart! What a blessing children are...what a wonderful reminder of how simple it really is...

What of Mom and Dad? Well, Miles ran his first ever 5K today. Miles is one of those annoying runner types who can not even look at a running shoe for a year, and then suddenly decide to put some on and run 20 miles (a bit exaggerated, but you get the picture). Anyway, he signed up for it Monday or Tuesday of last week, and then completely forgot he'd has been another CRAZY Navy, my gifted, athletic husband...ran his first ever 5K. I should also note, that he was up at 4:45 this morning to attend a "Cross-Fit" work out at Bolling AFB...and then ran the 5K thing. Anyway, his time: 25:22

Mom? Well, I am working on what are quickly becoming "After-Conference" dresses...instead of Easter dresses. I chose this beautiful pattern...that is the hardest dress I have ever sewn...and it is a dress and pinafore that means you sew 2 dresses for each child. AAAGGGHHH! Anyway...everybody gets Easter dresses...I am just doing it my way :-} is late, and I have much to do! We love you all...and thanks sooo much for all of your comments! We love feeling we are connected to all the wonderful people that have and continue to bless our lives!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Emma and King Noah...

Another priceless gem care of Emma:

As a family we are currently reading the Book of Mormon, and are in the book of Mosiah. We are in Chapter 11, which introduces wicked King Noah. As we have read, we have been talking about the "bad choices" that King Noah is making. This evening, at the conclusion of scripture time, Miles asked Emma to say family prayer. Emma starts her prayer very predictably, and then suddenly she begins telling Heavenly Father all about King Noah, and his bad choices, and asking Heavenly Father to help King Noah not make any more bad choices...or else "King Noah will have to go into time out!" One of those occasions that you just can't hold the laugh in...when you hear your 3-yr old put King Noah in time out! :-)

I love my family!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

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In a wonderful development, Emma has decided that she is done with diapers this week (with a little encouragement from Mom!) I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am to be quickly approaching a time when I am diaper diapers have been a part of my life for the last 4 1/2 years! To encourage our little Emma in her efforts, I took her to the commissary to pick out a treat...something we could reward her with each time she used the potty. I took her to the candy aisle, which also happens to have cookies. Emma spotted the Oreos, and would have nothing else. So, we bought the package of Oreos and brought them home. Within moments of our return, Emma successfully used the potty, so a reward was warranted. I grabbed the package and opened it, and handed a cookie to Emma, who promptly began cry. (Such is life with Emma!) I asked her what the problem was, and between the sobs she explained that SHE wanted to open the Oreos, SHE wanted to pick her cookie, and SHE wanted to hold the package. In the spirit of this being a reward, I placed her cookie back in the package, had her sit at the table, where I handed her the package to choose her own cookie. Emma, being the world's slowest eater, begins to lick her Oreo. Knowing that the consumption of this Oreo could take a good 20 mins, I headed upstairs and started cleaning our bathroom. About 10 minutes later, I head downstairs to check on the progress of Emma and her Oreo. To my amazement, Emma is holding a practically whole cookie in her hand. Instantly realizing that there is NO way this could be the original cookie, I open the Oreo package...YEP...our "little" angel had eaten 4 whole Oreo cookies. :-) Can we blame her? What would you do if someone sat you down at a table with an opened package of Oreos? :-)

As for the rest of us...Miles is back from Korea! He actually got to come home a couple of days early, which was a GREAT surprise! We are enjoying having him home...for as long as the Navy can spare him! :-( I am frantically working on this year's Easter dresses...because someone moved Easter into March!

We had a great trip down to DC last week. My Aunt Julie and her family were in town, and they let us come down and hang out with them and do the dash down the National Mall! :-) The girls had sooo much fun, that I have Maddie now asking...on almost a daily basis...if we can go to the museums today! I am not sure whether it was the museums she liked, or riding the entire day on Cousin Troy's shoulders! (Thanks again Troy!)

That's about if from here...enjoy the pictures! :-)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

When Daddy Comes Home

Loving the Navy...

So, for those of you who are not blessed to live life in the military, allow me to share our last week with you...for those of you have have lived the "good" life, sit back and enjoy more of the same! :-)

About a month ago, my wonderful husband Miles, was tasked with making plans for a trip to Korea leaving Wednesday, Feb 27. He was not going on this trip, just making some of the arrangements. Being the man that he is, he dutifully endeavored to get the job done, however he was constantly thwarted by higher powers. This was extremely frustrating to him as he tried again and again to get stuff done, and he was repeatedly told to wait until this piece of info came in, or such and such happened. About two weeks ago, he was told that he would be going on this trip...then every other day he was told he was not going, he was going, he wasn't, he was, he wasn't, he was... (we call this riding the wave!) Anyway, last week everyone at the command all of a sudden became concerned because nothing was done...Miles spent several nights at work until 10 or 11pm. Monday morning, Miles was told (once again) that he was definitely going...then at 2:30pm, he was told that his orders had been canceled and that he was definitely NOT going.

Not to leave you hanging, but I have to also tell you what else was going on...despite Miles' commands constant complaints about his lack of communication, his maturity level, and his lack of leadership abilities (it has been an exciting couple of months for us :-( !) Miles division wants to nominate him for Sailor of the Quarter (S.O.Q)?!?!? While this is a great thing it comes with an insane amount of paperwork. So, this last week, while he was trying to keep this whole Korea trip going...he'd come home at 10-11, and stay up until 1-2 am working on his (S.O.Q) stuff. The stress was insane...

So...Tuesday morning, at morning muster, Miles is told that he is going to Korea in less than 24 hours! AAAGGGHHH! He was also told that he could go home as soon as he had his stuff sorted out so that he'd have time to get himself packed and his S.O.Q. paperwork in before he had to be at the airport at 5am Wednesday morning. YEP (all those of you who have lived the military life know what is coming, huh?) he didn't get home until almost 7 pm that night...there were all kinds of problems getting orders for him to leave... I believe that by the time we got the bags packed and the paperwork done it was closing in on 2am, which gave us a lovely 2 hour nap before we were up and headed to the airport.

So, Miles is in Korea...and I just got an email from him this morning complaining that in order to save $$, his command had them bunked up in open barracks with 100 other guys...he says Korea just got a whole lot less exciting! Nothing like having to do boot camp again :-)

So, that is our excitement. Fortunately, this is a short trip and he'll be home Saturday...unfortunately, communication is spotty at best, and I haven't heard from him since his last email early Friday morning. SIGH!

The girls and I are fine...unfortunately, we are getting really used to this insanity!

What else is new?

Well, they are finally installing a fence in our backyard. We requested one be installed when we moved in 2 years ago... :-)

Honestly, after the drama of getting Miles to Korea...I have worked really hard to keep everything very low key for the last few days! Have to recharge my "batteries" so I am ready for our next big Navy adventure...because the only thing that is certain about this life is that nothing is for certain! :-)

Love you all!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Curly Curls...

Whenever Daddy is gone, we have "girl" parties. These usually involve bubble baths, fingernail painting and "curly curls". Want to let you know that I am aware that Emma has only half a head of curlers...this is not because we ran out, or I lost my patience...NOPE! Emma has the most sensitive scalp of all time. And after getting half of her head done she REFUSED to let any more curlers touch her there you go! When I can get them to sleep in them, they will have the cutest hair. These curlers stayed in most of the day, and produced some beautiful ringlets...however, my girls will NOT sleep in them, so all the curl falls out real quick. SIGH! Someday :-)

Packing Emma...

As Miles is once again a traveling man, our living room is home to the ubiquitous suitcase. One Sunday morning I came downstairs to discover that Emma was IN the front pocket of our largest suitcase "reading" a book to Maddie, who was contentedly sitting beside her. The cuteness just NEVER stops! :-)

Read on...we posted some great video footage....

Super Mom...

This morning was one of my better "Mom" days. You know, the ones where there seems to be magic in the air...the kids are happy, and listen...and you are energetic and animated...and everyone has a blast just being! That was this morning.

We started with Play-Doh. The girls probably spent a good hour creating anything and everything with the Play-Doh kit that Emma received for her birthday yesterday. It was awesome to see their little minds work! We had such a great time...

THEN, we planted strawberries. That's right, strawberries. Last Saturday we were at Wal-Mart and the girls had been soooo awesome all day, and were being great despite the late hour and the fact that they hadn't eaten yet. I was in the gardening section pricing some supplies we'll need for our garden this year, when an end-aisle display caught ALL of our eyes. It was a strawberry planting kit...and it was only $1.98! So, as a reward I let them each pick a kit. So this morning we planted strawberries...we had fun mixing the dirt with water, planting the seeds, and then watering our plants...and then trying to find a sunny place to put them! It was alot of fun.

At this point, I look at my watch and it is only what? Well, fortunately for me..Tuesdays are Romp n' Stomp (this is where they fill a gym on base with every toy known to man, and mothers gather to let their children play!) So, off we went for an hour of play...

It was a great morning!

Our afternoon was filled with the usual naps, and school...a trip to the library, then home for dinner.

As I was putting dinner on the table, I called Maddie down from upstairs. Maddie calls down, "Just a minute, I am not ready yet." Miles and I, puzzled, inquire "Ready for what?" Maddie's reply, "I am not ready for the dinner party yet." The dinner party? Sure enough, not three minutes later our little girl appears at the foot of the stairs dressed in one of her "princess dresses". She then pretends to "ring" the doorbell...which we, of course, answered and graciously invited our nicely dressed guest to please seat herself at the table. She very graciously replied, "Thank You." and took her seat. So, we ate dinner tonight with "Princess Maddie"! :-)

Hope you enjoy the video!

Birthday Card Magic...

Emma received a "music" card from Nana and Papa, and it has been her favorite gift. We captured the following this evening...ENJOY!

Monday, February 18, 2008

February 18th...

A big day in the Maschger family. It is the day that our Emma finally arrived...THREE years ago. Yep...our little Emma celebrated her 3rd birthday today. Our "baby" is three! SIGH!

Emma has been eagerly anticipating her birthday for about a month now...and being Emma, she knew exactly what she wanted and made sure that none of us had a chance to forget the particulars. For example, a "pink Cinderella" cake, dinner at McDonald's...where we would eat IN McDonald's, and of course, chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. I am happy to report that we were able to meet all of her expectations, and that the day seems to have been a success. We are a bit concerned about what will happen tomorrow when she realizes it ISN'T her birthday anymore...:-)

In other big news, we have finally moved our girls out of their toddler beds and into BIG girl beds. In our first ever visit to an IKEA store (which is an experience for any who have not ever been), we selected a bunk bed for our two little girls. After 5 HOURS of assembly, Maddie and Emma "moved" into their bunks. Madelynn is on the top bunk...which she LOVES, except for the actual climbing of the ladder...she does not like climbing the ladder. However, once she gets to the top, her face breaks into an ear-to-ear grin, and she can hardly contain her excitement. Emma is, of course, on the bottom bunk. Her biggest issue is that she can't see Maddie...honestly, the first night she cried and cried, "I can't see my Maddie!" Now, before she goes to sleep, we have to lift her up so she can see Maddie on the top bunk. Pretty cute! :-) We also purchased a dresser, but have yet to find another 5 hours we can devote to its assembly! :-)

What else?

Miles is supposed to be heading to Korea in a week, however the trip has hit some snags, so we'll see. He is insanely busy at work as he is trying to step up and take more responsibility, as per his chain of command's suggestions. He is getting some good experience, but there is a price to be paid...and the currency is time. We are really learning to enjoy the time we have him at home! :-) Actually, up until his trip to New York last week, we had had him home for 3 whole months...the longest time since our arrival almost 2 years ago. I might have gotten a bit spoiled! :-)

Other than that, the girls continue to fill our moments with mirth and merriment! :-) Here are a couple of gems:

A couple of nights ago the girls were in the bathroom brushing their teeth. After brushing, they fill a small disposable Dixie cup with water to "rinse" their mouth. Emma, after taking a drink, exclaims "I LOVE water!" Maddie replies, "I LOVE reindeer!" Miles and I love random! :-)

About a week ago, it was time to read scriptures. Miles asked me if I remembered what we were reading (we read 5 verses a night with our girls), and I replied, "2 Nephi 4: 26-30" Madelynn pipes up and says, "4, like me. I am 4." Emma, not to be outdone says, "And I am 26-30" It is soo great to be a parent!

We love and miss you all!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Maschger Family Pictures

Dancing Princesses...

Last week we had our good friend Ainsley come and play with us...and what do three little girls find to amuse themselves...some great clothes and music...our dancing princesses...

Where, oh where...

has all my time gone?

Somehow...I have let an entirely too long time pass since my last post. My apologies...

I'd love to tell you that the lack of info was due to dull days with nothing lively and exciting to report...but we all know that life rarely deals us such days, much less weeks! :-) On the other hand, as I sit here and try to gather my thoughts, and remember the multiplicity of gems that occurred through the week that both Miles and I said, "That needs to go in the blog"...YEP...can't remember a single one! Could it be the onset of old age?

Ahhh, well...we'll just begin with today. We had an excellent Sabbath day...truly! As our ward is now on the 11:30 schedule, our Sunday mornings have slowed down, and that has been nice. While Miles still has meetings in the morning, he is able to get home most Sundays to help with the final dramatic rush for the door...which I REALLY appreciate! The girls behaved extremely well in Sacrament meeting, except for the minor fit Maddie threw when Mom went up to bear her testimony...other than that no problems. The last couple of Sundays have gone this way...and Miles and I have found ourselves having to actually listen to the speakers...this has taken some getting used to, but I believe we'll adjust eventually! :-)

Upon our arrival at home, Emma went straight to the couch and laid down...a bit unusual for our smallest one, but I chalked it up to a missed nap and carried her up to bed. About an hour later, I found her lying on her bed, wide awake...just staring at the ceiling. A quick hand to the forehead verified that our little Emma was running a fever...a pretty high one. Within an hour she'd downed two full glasses of water/juice, not strayed from her Mommy's lap, and asked no less than a dozen times to go back to bed. Needless to say, we had her in bed and asleep by 6:30...always hate it when my little ones are sick! Madelynn was extremely concerned about her little sister...and kept touching her forehead, and handing her the cup of juice. Maddie even...on her own...went upstairs and brought Emma her "Nana blanket"...which is Emma's special blanket. Our Maddie is such a big girl, and she is very in tune with the needs of others! Yesterday, I was putting up our groceries, and dropped a can on my I rocked back and forth in pain and agony...Maddie appeared at my side, "What is wrong Mommy?" I replied, through gritted teeth, "Nothing, Mommy is fine." Maddie says, ever so concerned, "Mommy, you are not fine. You are crying." Can't fool her! :-)

Anyway, here we are the end of the day with a crazy week ahead. Miles has taken some leave on Wednesday and Thursday...and we are looking forward to having him home. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday to have another chest x-ray to verify that I have cleared out my lungs and am all better...and we have a TON of "spring" cleaning to do! We are in an extreme de-clutter mode these days, and we have learned to run with those moods because they don't come often enough. So, stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the pictures and video :-) Lots of love...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Me 2

So, here I am...upstairs at our computer with the headphones on (makes it easier to pretend that the girls are asleep) and who can guess what is playing? U2

I have sooo many memories wrapped up in the music of this group, that I am thoroughly enjoying a trip down memory lane...everything from church dances, to Friday nights out with friends, to those fabulous BYU days, to driving Cali's Hwy 1 with the sunroof is good to be me! Anyway...

Had a relatively uneventful day..those are nice to have occasionally! Maddie had another appointment with her therapist up in Baltimore this that took care of the first half of the day! :-) This afternoon, we headed to the park and enjoyed being out...while it was cold, the fresh air was AWESOME...and the girls needed to RUN and RUN and RUN!

Dinner tonight was Miles all time favorite meal...Navajo Tacos. Maddie announced tonight that it is her favorite meal as long as we don't put "salad" (lettuce) on hers! She also quickly set things to right when Dad set the table, but forgot to put the sour cream on...Maddie LOVES sour cream...which she calls "sour cream sauce" (it seems she got a few things from her mother!)

That is about it from here...

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Twilight Zone...

A couple of nights ago, our little family had a unique experience...

I had made for dinner a homemade pizza. I had, in consideration of my small ones, made 1/2 cheese only. I had also, to appease my Mommy guilt, made green beans to serve alongside our pizza. As I prepared the plates for our little angels, I noted the portion sizes I was serving them...they each had maybe 4 small pieces of green bean...and 1 rather large piece of pizza. We all know that children LOVE pizza, and have not so wonderful feelings towards all things least our children do! I placed the plates in front of the girls, and then it happened....

Madelynn quickly devoured her green beans, and flatly refused to eat her pizza. Did you want a minute to read that again...make sure you read it right! In our house, the rule is you have to eat your dinner, or you sit at the table until clean up time...what a show our Maddie put on in the 45 minutes she sat at the table. She went on and on about how she doesn't like cheese, she doesn't like bread...she would put pieces in her mouth, and gag and gag and gag and gag. Honestly, she could easily snatch up an Oscar for her performance! (I might add that at dinner this evening she inhaled a piece of "cheesy bread"-which is basically garlic bread with a little bit of cheddar cheese on top-note: BOTH bread and cheese!)

That night, as Miles and I reflected on the moment, certain that we had slipped into the Twilight a place where children LOVE the healthy food, and shun the fattening food...we wondered if maybe we'd fought the wrong battle :-)

Love you all!

May the Force be with You...

We have recently introduced our little princesses to the wonderful world of "Star Wars". We have the Lego Star Wars game for our Wii, and it is one of my favorite games to play...and the girls LOVE to watch the action. I decided a couple of weeks ago, that given their interest in the game, perhaps they'd like the movies. I must admit, I had apprehensions...Emma gets "scared" at the smallest thing...we have several Veggie Tale movies that we can't watch without fast-forwarding through the "scary parts" for our Emma. I believed that our little Em would probably not make through the first five minutes...ummm...children ever keep you guessing, and they are FULL of surprises! In fact, Star Wars has become the movie of choice over the last few weeks, and I wanted to share with you the world that George Lucas created as seen through the eyes of a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old:

  • Princess "Lucy" a.k.a. Princess Leia...for reasons only known to Emma, who INSISTS on calling Princess Leia, Princess Lucy
  • P-O-P-O a.k.a. C3PO
  • R-D-D-2 a.k.a. R2-D2
  • "the bluckie guy with the buttons on his clothes" a.k.a. Darth Vader
  • "the blue bluckie guy" a.k.a. The Emperor
  • "the red bluckie guy" a.k.a. Darth Maul...who has won a special place in our girls hearts. In fact, when asked which Star Wars movie they want to is almost always the one with the "red bluckie guy". I have on occasion, when in a hurry, been able to appease them by simply skipping to the final fight scene...which is apparently their favorite "red bluckie guy" scene! :-)
  • "walkies" a.k.a. Ewoks
  • "the blue flying guy" a.k.a. Jango Fett...of course Boba is the "the green flying guy"
  • "the green monster" a.k.a Jaba the Hutt
  • "the brown monster" a.k.a. the Rancor
Interesting side notes, they have no clue who Luke Skywalker is...they can name most of the bad guys, but Luke's character has made little to no impression on our little princesses!

I, personally, am enjoying the fact that their imaginative play repertoire has expanded from "princess" to light saber fights and using the "force" on each other (they will actually occasionally stop swinging their imaginary light sabers at each other, and put their hands out in front of them, and render an excellent "I-am-using-the-force-on-you" pose!)

The other night, as we were sitting at the dinner table, out of the clear blue sky, Maddie picks up her imaginary "blaster" and lets off three quick shots...then turns to us and explains, "Bad guys". Being the excellent mother I am :-) I determined to nip this in the bud by announcing that there would be NO shooting of bad guys at the dinner table, and I was putting a force field around the table to protect us while we ate (anyone see what is coming?) I pushed my imaginary control buttons on the table, and settled back to finish dinner, when Maddie exclaims, in horror, "Mom, there is a door in the force field" How do you argue with that?

Lest you think the force field made no impression...a day later, Miles was in the kitchen doing dishes (he IS the perfect husband!) and Maddie come running in, "Daddy, monsters are coming". Miles, the perfect husband, says "Not now. Daddy is doing dishes, we'll get the monsters when I am finished" At which point Maddie turns around, pushes several imaginary buttons and activates a force field around Daddy to protect him until he is finished...and because you never know...she then stood guard just in case!

So...from our star system to yours...May the Force be with You! :-)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Like Me! is another GREAT moment brought to us by Emma...

Several nights ago we were in the midst of family scripture time. As OFTEN happens the attention span of our little Thing 1 (Maddie) and Thing 2 (Emma) was wearing thin. Miles had pulled Emma into his lap, to try and help her to "focus" but we were losing Maddie quickly. As we were reading the part of 1 Nephi where the angel comes to chastise Laman and Lemuel for beating up Nephi and Sam...I had a flash of inspiration to read the angel's words in a LOUD, BOOMING voice. (Yep, doing voices while reading the scriptures...think I could get in trouble for that?) As I am BOOMING the words of the angel, Emma looks up at her father, shaking her head back and forth and says to her father, "I have a silly Mommy" to which her father-ever my champion-says, "Yes, yes - you do." However, not to be discouraged...because I had everyone's attention now...I proceeded to read the verse containing Laman and Lemuel's response to this angelic visitation in the best whiny voice I possibly could. As I finished, I commented on how Laman and Lemuel were BIG whiners. Emma's face lit up, and she exclaimed, "Like ME!" This leaves Miles and I to ponder whether or not Emma is understanding that when we tell she is a whiner...that is a BAD thing! Something to work on! :-)

As you can tell, I managed to survive day 1...

However, today is poised to completely do me in. Maddie has an appointment up in Baltimore this afternoon at Kennedy Krieger. That means that Emma will miss her nap, and we are guaranteed to be in the midst of rush hour on the way home...all the ingredients for a fine, fine day! :-)

I need to go and get the girls fed, and ready to go...keep coming back for more! We love and miss you all!

Monday, January 14, 2008

BIG sick...

A.K.A. Pneumonia!

Yep! That sickness that I thought I was recovering from, came back with a vengeance, and turned out to be pneumonia. What fun we have had the last 5 days! :-{ Miles took 4 days of leave, and has been husband/father of the year picking up ALL of the slack, as I have been able to do ABSOLUTELY nothing. At one point I found myself unable to muster the strength to open a bottle of Sprite...HOWEVER, I believe that I have overcome the worst of it, and look forward to clearing out my lungs over the next couple of weeks. Fortunately, both of the girls and Miles have been spared...keeping our fingers crossed.

I don't have time to get into ALL of the priceless gems over the last week...however, this time I did at least make a list, so I can eventually get to them all. I wanted to offer a wee teaser, that will hopefully make you smile and keep you coming back for more...

A couple of nights ago we are seated at the table enjoying some chocolate chip cookies. Madelynn, ever our giver, takes one of her two cookies, breaks it into four semi-equal pieces, and proceeds to give each of us a piece of her cookie. Of course, both Miles and I rained praises on her for sharing, and in turn shared a large piece of our cookies with her. I looked over at Emma who was enjoying her cookie gift, and I asked, "Emma, would you like to share some of your cookie with Maddie, since she shared with you?" Emma says, "Sure" and proceeds to break off the tiniest crumb from the piece of cookie that Maddie originally gave her and hand the microscopic offering to her sister...SIGH! Technically sharing, may have to work of the SPIRIT of sharing! :-)

Honestly, soo much more...I'll be back I promise!

Monday, January 7, 2008

We are still here...

It has been waaay too long. The last few days have been completely lost to us as I have been VERY ill, and Miles has been valiantly playing BOTH Mom and Dad. As it appears I am finally on the mend, let's bring you all up to date on the latest from the Maschger home...

These are in no particular order:

Build-a-Bear: Grandma and Grandpa Maschger sent Maddie and Emma gift certificates for Christmas to go to Build-a-Bear and create their very own "baby". So we made the trek to the "big" mall (that is what our girls call the mall in Columbia, MD) and let them choose all the stuff for their very own baby. What a treat! Madelynn completely got into the entire experience...if you've never done a build-a-bear, they really know how to market to their client :-) Once the bears were chosen, and stuffed, it was time to dress them. Emma quickly chose a Tinkerbell outfit apparently because it came with a "magic wand" which Emma carried for the next three days! Just the other day, as I was taking her to nap time carrying her "magic wand", I asked her what she was going to do with her wand. She replied, "Nothing, it doesn't work" :-) Now that the bears are dressed it is time to name them, and receive the official "birth certificate". Our Maddie named her bear, "Tayta"...Emma named hers "Toto" (we had watched Wizard of Oz a couple of days before...guess it made an impression!) Finally, it is time to check-out, and each bear is placed in its own "house" (a cardboard box shaped like a house) Maddie would have NO such thing, her baby Tayta was NOT going in the house...Emma had no issues, so Maddie carried her bear out, and Emma let Daddy carry her "house" out. It was a GREAT experience. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa...

A great idea: While we were at the "big" mall, Miles and I took the opportunity to do some fact finding as we are in the market for cell phones. We stopped at several kiosks, and spent time wading through the sales pitches...adding a good hour or so to our day. By the time we left the mall dinner time was quickly we were walking to the car, I suggested to Miles perhaps we should just go eat at Cheesecake Factory...which is a joke because to feed our family there would take more money then we have in our "eat-out" budget...Emma immediately turns around, and says, "THAT is a GREAT idea Mom!" There is NO possible way she has EVER heard the term "Cheesecake Factory" much less be able to associate it with food...however, what she did hear was "go eat at"...and that means not eating at home, and Emma LOVES not eating at home!

A kid: A couple of days ago, Miles was upstairs with Maddie trying to get her to actually be quiet during our "quiet time". They were snuggled on "Mommy's bed", and as any hard-working dad would do, Miles was drifting in and out of consciousness. Suddenly Maddie sits up and blurts out, "Dad, I just thought of something. Kid!" At which point she lays back down, and the moment is over...what I wouldn't give to know what goes on in that little head! :-)

Obviously with a whole week gone by, there are more stories to tell than can possibly be told, and unfortunately I have forgotten so many I was going to remember...SIGH! We have been blessed with such awesome girls, who are loaded with personality, and are at such a great age right now, that there will always be something to write...

Maddie is experiencing one of her developmental "growth" spurts. In just the last couple of weeks, she has taken it upon herself to decide whether her clothes need to go in the laundry or not, and if they are clean, then she will FOLD them and put them away...all by herself. The last couple of days, she take her clothes into the bathroom, and dresses herself...with little to no help. Her new favorite word? "Cooperate" To Maddie this means anytime Mom and Dad give her help in any way...we are cooperating...Maddie LOVES to cooperate! :-) Without fail, she makes sure there are napkins on the table anytime we are eating, and she is VERY careful to clean up any of her spills. What a blessing is our biggest girl!

Emma is also exploding in her growth...her vocabulary can be down right disturbing! The other day, she was pouting at the kitchen table. I asked her why she was sad...Our little girls says, "Mom, I am 'frusterated' ". I replied, "Why are you frustrated?" She says, "Because I wanted to say the prayer, but you picked Maddie to say the prayer." As our experience with young children speaking has been Maddie who didn't say more than 50 words until she was over 3...a 2-yr-old who uses words like "frustrated" and "because" and correct verb a totally new experience. Emma turns 3 February 18th, and to Miles and I we think, "Is she only turning 3? Are you sure we didn't misplace a year or two somewhere?" Now if we could just get her to use the potty :-) It always has to be something!