Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What I am black!!! and other amusing stories

Just thought that I would share some funny stories that happened today. This afternoon I was changing Emma's pull-up and she was "playing" the Wii with Papa and Aunt Kristie, when she saw a Mii that was black, and she suddenly exclaimed "What I am black!!??" Sometimes it is great to quote your kids.

Since Maddie is big girl she doesn't need any help going to potty. However, today after being a big girl she came out in all of her glory with a strip of toliet paper hanging like a tail from her derriere. Why didn't we have a camera... that would be the perfect picture to show her future fiance, which currently is Jamal.

Then tonight we were walking around the mall and just came out of the Disney store, when Emma in all of her excitement wanted to show Mommy her pretty "Belle" panties. Dropped her shorts right in the middle of the mall. The last time I did that I was arrested. Its an injustice.

Other than that Tam and I are enjoying have Nana, Papa, and Aunt Kristie here with us. They will be leaving tomorrow, so Tam and I will have to take care of ourselves again. Sometimes it stinks to be an adult.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

That's time-out for everyone!!!

Here is a picture of our lovely family. We finally had a moment of peace today.

P.S. They were both in time-out because they did not what to have clean-up time.

Its all sunshine and roses

This past week has been good. We have had the pleasure of having Tam's mother, father, and sister with us this week. We also had my Sister, her husband, and her daughter here on Saturday. So it has been a great week with the family. Of course we were busy trying to keep everything else going too. I still had to go to work and deal with the fun of the Navy, and Tam isn't any less pregnant (this is a very very good thing).

Tam and I went to her doctor last week, and things are still going well. Her diabetes seems to be doing well, and we were able to hear the baby's heartbeat. Hearing the heartbeat is what makes it real for me. I really enjoy hearing the little whoosh-whoosh at 150 beats-per-minute.

Church was extra fun today. Both our girls decided that they did not want to go to church today. Maddie even tried to malinger, fiegning a fever. She kept on asking Tam to feel her forehead, and coughing a fake cough. However, today was a day where both Mom and I had lessons to teach. Not really a day we could skip. Emma made it difficult to get out the door, and Maddie had a half-hour long temper-tantrum once we got to church. I missed over half of the Sacrament meeting. Because I was either out in the car, foyer, or hallway with a screaming Maddie. She finally calmed down enough for us to attend the end of sacrament meeting. However, she would not go to primary. That is until she realized how boring Mom's and Dad's classes were. Then she decided she wanted to go to primary, and apparently (according to her primary teachers) was very good. Sometimes I just don't understand my children. But I love them!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dresses, kites, vacation and more!

How our children grow...

Enjoy this wonderful clip of Miles "watering" our girls...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Primary spotlight...

SO, I was prepping to post several pictures from Miles re-enlistment yesterday, when I realized that I am woefully behind in the pics department. SO, in an effort to keep these entries as "in order" as possible...I better start where I left off. Here is Maddie doing a re-play of her Primary spotlight. We were given a piece of posterboard, and I let Maddie tell me what pictures she wanted to put on, and she did an excellent job decorating it. She did even better when she got up in front of the entire Primary, and told them all about herself! What is equally entertaining is how Emma insisted on having a turn...and so you get "Maddie's spotlight" by Emma! :-)Enjoy!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where have the Maschgers gone?

We are here. I realize that it has been insanely long since I have posted, and I apologize for our prolonged absence from the blogging scene. We have been so incredibly busy with vacation, and doctor's appointments, and general family craziness that carving out even a few moments to jot down the latest has apparently fallen pretty low on our priority list...I'll try harder! :-)

So...what is the latest from the Maschger clan?

Well, we survived the "vacation" of all vacations. It would require a novel of moderate size to relate all of our adventures...so let me sum up! :-) We began with a leak in the hydraulic system of our aircraft, delaying our flight about 8 hours. After such a promising start, you would think we could drop no lower...stay tuned. We spent the next week with Miles' family, and we had a GREAT time! The girls really enjoyed playing with their cousins, and hanging out with Grandma's day care...one of the great things about Grandma's house there is ALWAYS someone to play with and TONS of toys to play with. The girls especially enjoyed the large swing set outside, and spent alot of time in the backyard! After about a week, we made the drive down to Phoenix, AZ to visit Miles wonderful sister Alyssa and family. (We call that a trip-within-a-trip!) :-) It was fun to travel with Grandma and Grandpa, and meet a whole new set of cousins. While we were in Phoenix, we had the AWESOME opportunity to attend the beautiful sealing of two of our dearest friends. It was such a beautiful event, and we enjoyed reconnecting with old friends. Miles and I also took the opportunity of being able to escape "kid-free" and celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Lots happening in Phoenix...and all in 100+ degree heat. (TIP: summer is NOT the time to "enjoy" Phoenix) :-)

CUTE MADDIE STORY: Have to interrupt and share...Upon our arrival in Phoenix, Miles opens the door and lets Maddie out of the car. Maddie steps onto the sidewalk in front of the house, and stops. Miles says to her, "It's warm, huh?" Maddie looks up at Miles and says, "No, Dad, it is HOT!" :-)

However, we had a great time, and it came to an end way to soon. We drove back to Colorado Springs, and then just one day later boarded a plane to head home to Maryland. While our flight from Colorado Springs to Houston came off without a hitch, we got completely hosed in Houston. A major storm system moved in, and after delaying our flight for several hours, they finally had to cancel the flight...along with 33 other flights, and sent us all to one desk to reschedule! We truly have the BEST luck when flying! Anyway, about 3 hours later, we had booked a flight leaving the next morning...and we had two VERY hungry, and tired, and completely disoriented children. (By the time we left the next morning, Emma was crying because she wanted to stay at the airport!) We were very fortunate to book a room at the Marriott hotel that is actually a part of the airport (which was a bonus, because we had no car seats...as we had checked them) Not only was this hotel close, it was actually VERY quiet, and after a little room service, and a movie...our exhausted small ones drifted off to sleep. Fortunately our flight to Maryland the next day was fairly uneventful...Maddie was afraid the plane was going to leave us, so she had a complete meltdown as we got on the plane...and then Emma, suddenly decided during takeoff that she didn't want to sit next to Dad she wanted to sit next to Mom, and a massive temper tantrum followed. Miles and I were sooo relieved when no one asked us to remove ourselves from the plane! Lest you think our adventures are quite over...just a little morsel to wrap up our tale... Upon arrival in Baltimore, we discovered that while we, and our luggage had all made the trips...our car seats had not! SERIOUSLY! So, we had to wait while Miles filed a claim for our missing car seats, and the airline located some for us to borrow so we could get our children home. Needless to say by the time we crossed the threshold of our little home, we didn't leave for several days! :-)

We are now firmly back in the swing of things! I have been averaging about 2-3 doctor's appointments a week...but I am sooo grateful to have a doctor who is being so careful with everything! About a week before we left for vacation, I found out that I have diabetes...and have spent the last month and a half working through that drama. However, it seems that everything is coming together...and that is a relief. Everything else seems to be perfectly fine with the baby...I heard the hearbeat just last Friday, and it is beating strong at 160! :-) I have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday...so stay tuned for pictures...maybe! :-)

Miles is keeping busy with work. Probably enough said on that topic... He is re-enlisting this Friday, and we have very mixed feelings about it. By the time this enlistment is up he will have served 14 years, so we are making the Navy a career...a BIG step.

Other than that...not much else. I'm going to try and get some pictures up soon, but right now I need to go and clean the kitchen...and eat something! :-)

Love you all!