Saturday, March 6, 2010

Socks in Soup

Today, while the family was sitting down to lunch. We were feasting on a sumptuous fare of soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Tam and I looked up to see Maddie taking her sock out of her bowl of soup. Well, Tam's and my interest was peaked. We have heard of crackers in soup, but socks were new. I wonder if socks improve the flavor. Maybe they make the socks extra soft, or maybe footsweat is more pleasant when it smells like tomato soup. Tam asked her what the sock was doing in her soup, and Maddie's simple reply "I took off my sock." Well of course, it all makes sense. What were we mere mortals thinking. When you take off your socks, it is only logical that you would place them in soup. Needless, to say Maddie ate her sock flavored soup and now we one REALLY red sock.

We are also the proud new "Pet-Parents" of two new small Koi from Wal-mart. Tam is teaching the girls about fish in Home-school. Tam and I also thought it might be an opportunity to teach a little responsibility to the girls too. It also helps that fish don't bark or chew up carpets or shoes. Our girls have been so excited by the new fish. Maddie named her fish, "Karen"... cause nothing says fish like the name Karen. Emma named her's, the same name she names everything, "Sarah Capia". It is difficult to keep them from harassing the fish. We almost had to get a restraining order against our girls.

That is the latest from Maschger the front.