Friday, May 30, 2008


The following post represent the views of the speaker only and do not necessarily reflect the views of management. Anybody who knows Miles knows that he had to marry a woman twice as smart and twice as good looking so the kids could have half a chance. Its a good thing he married up.

--Maschger Family Management

To my husband!


As this is Miles' 33rd b-day, I wanted to take the few minutes of quiet I have (Backyardigans are on!) and tell my sweet husband how much I love and appreciate him! I will be eternally grateful that this wonderful man was born just 33 short years ago today! There are so many things that I love and appreciate about name a few:

1. His sense of humor - it was one of the very first things that attracted me to him. I love his wit, and his sarcasm, and the complete randomness of who he is...there is NEVER a dull moment! :-)
2. His integrity - it is such a remarkable quality to do the right thing, because it is the right thing - it brings me the greatest comfort to know that regardless he will always do the right thing!
3. His commitment to him family - I could not have married a better man, for he is completely committed to fulfilling his role in his family. He is an incredible father, who readily puts the needs of his children first and foremost! He is an awesome husband, who takes such good care of his slightly control-freak, neurotic wife! :-) Backyardigans is over, thus closing my window of opportunity! Regardless,

Miles I love you! I love you more and more crazy as I know that sounds...but it is true! I love that man that you are! I am soo grateful for every single experience and choice that you have made in your life because I know that each one created the righteous and wonderful man that you are today...the perfect man for me! Happy Birthday, my love! :-)

From the Maschgers...

The BIG news here is appears I am pregnant - AGAIN - remarkably! While we struggled with keeping this all hush hush given the miscarriage LAST MONTH, we decided to follow the counsel of Pres. Hinckley and let our faith exceed our fears! Besides, we can obviously use all the faith and prayers we can get...

We actually found out the 18th. I have already had TONS of lab work done, and LOTS more to come this coming week...however, at this point most everything is looking pretty good. I am fighting the nausea already...and we take that as a good sign. I have never been so excited to be sick to my stomach! :-)

We'll keep you posted as whatever develops! We love and miss and appreciate you all!

The Maschgers

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Too long...

Here are a couple of pictures of the girls in their "Easter/Conference/Mother's Day dresses" :-) I tried to take these about 3 seconds before we walked out the door, and obviously Emma was extremely upset with me...for what I don't know...but enjoy! :-)

Greetings! Remember us? We wanted to let you all know that we are still here...and doing well. There has been soo much going on in our little family over the last couple of weeks, yet, as always, when I sit at the computer to tell all, I can't remember a thing. Should I be concerned? :-) How about a break down by family member...

Emma has really blossomed over the last month. We are seeing a whole new dimension to our littlest one. While she is still 3 and continues to operate under the principle that the known universe does revolve around her and her needs...and woe to any who happen to be in her way! She has developed this incredible ability to analyze a situation, see a need and assess how to fill that need, and then...under her own power...fill that need. For example, last week we had finished dinner, and in one of my lazier moments, had left the table without clearing our plates. Miles and I were on the couch talking, and Maddie was upstairs playing. Suddenly I realized that there was something going on in the kitchen. I turned around to see my 3 year old clearing the LAST plate off the table. Our little one had come back to the table, and taken each plate...scrapped its contents into the trash (we don't have a garbage diposal :-( ) and then placed each dish in the sink...all without the slightest comment from us. In fact, it hadn't even registered what was going on until she was almost finished. Or, a couple of days ago, Maddie (who is still wearing a pull-up at night) was in the bathroom and called for some help. I left Emma downstairs, and headed up to help. After lending a hand, I turned around to find Emma standing in the bathroom door with Maddie's "big girl" panties in hand. On her own, she had realized that Maddie would need those, and had taken it upon herself to fill that need. Miles and I are in awe of this new we must find a way to reconcile the "saint" with the "drama queen"! :-)

Maddie has had a difficult month. She has really felt the stress of the family as we have dealt with the miscarriage, and some issues at Miles' work. However, being aware of it, and how to deal with it are two very different things. Madelynn has struggled and we have seen some drastic regressions in her behaviors. However, after an excellent session with her behavioral therapist, we are very encouraged. We are re-instituting heavy structure...the picture schedules, the hopes that this will re-center her...and once re-centered the behaviors will recede. Another indication to the extreme intelligence of our little girl, she has apparently decided that writing your name from left to right is too boring...and will write her name right to left, perfectly flipping each letter. SIGH! The therapist was quick to point out that while this involves some crafty thought processes, as Maddie makes powerful associations that are extremely difficult to break down, it would be best if she understood that names are written left to right. :-) A bright, shiny moment in her month came last week. I was watching a friend's son, who is also autistic. At one point a misunderstanding sent this young man bolting out of the house...I, of course, went to the door to call him back in, and was not making any progress...when Maddie darted out of the house under my arm, walked right up to him and said, "It's ok. Calm down. Count to 10...calm down." He looked at her, calmed down and followed her right back into the house, where he sat next to her on the couch as they watched a movie. Not one single problem after that. Again, I am soo often taken back by the powerful spirits my little ones possess and I marvel as I watch those spirits march forward, grow and become who they are to be. It was an incredible moment to witness!

Miles is a very busy man. While we have really enjoyed having him home for the last few months, he has been putting in some extremely long days. He is completely addicted to "CrossFit", a new workout regime that is apparently all the rage. He, my NON-morning person husband, is getting up at 4:45 every morning to get down to Bollings AFB for the CrossFit class. If Miles is at home, chances are he is on the computer researching the numerous facets of CrossFit. At work, Miles found out recently that he is going to be taking on alot more responsibility...while he is waay excited to be stretching himself, there is a steep learning curve, and he is working hard to fill in the "gaps" in his experience! As the ward's mission leader, our ward missionaries are keeping him busy as well. In just the last two weeks, they have committed 4 investigators to baptism! It is sooo awesome to watch the Lord magnify who and what we are...we have been truly blessed to be a part of this process, and are looking forward to a BIG baptism June 7th! As always, Miles continues to be an incredible husband and father...the girls favorite part of the day is when their Daddy comes home. They launch themselves out the front door, down the sidewalk and into his arms! :-) The first question they ask in the morning is, "Is Daddy at work today?" and when the answer is yes, their faces fall, and they say, "I miss my Daddy"! Me too! :-)

Me? Well, besides being a part of all that is my wonderful family, I am really looking forward to taking a vacation in 23 days! :-) Probably my biggest news would be that I finally went to the salon and had them chop a little over 12" from my hair! I LOVE IT!!!!!! I was able to donate the hair to "Wigs for Kids" which was awesome! Emma has told me on several occasions that she doesn't like my short hair, and Maddie hasn't stopped asking when can she get her hair cut short! :-) I had a wonderful Mother's Day last Sunday. My husband managed to surprise me with a gift (this is quite a hard thing for him to do, because I do the budget and I check our account pretty much every morning!) The wonderful man that he is, used money that he had to buy me "Veronica Mars, Season 1", as I am a bit of a Veronica junkie (thanks, Caryn and Crystal!) it was the perfect gift, and made even more special by his sacrifice of using "his" money! And while church meetings precluded any breakfast-in-bed scenario, he really worked hard to make it a wonderful day! :-) I truly married the best of men! :-) That's about it from here...

We love and miss you all! :-)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Seriously, I LOVE my girls! Enjoy!