Monday, June 4, 2007

Still here...

We are still here, and as busy as ever! The temptation here is to catch you up on all the has transpired over the last few weeks...who has that kind of time? So you can forget it!

Miles is currently out and about serving his country. He left last Sunday morning for a 2 week stay in VA. He will come home LATE Friday night, and head out again Sunday morning for a week in GA. SO...not seeing much of Miles this month. What we do know is that he is working hard, and that we miss him!

Maddie had a banner Sunday last week...she gave her first talk! We were told by the Primary presidency to keep it within a 30 second time limit :-) so there wasn't a lot of doctrinal depth! However, I spent a couple of nights assembling a talk for my daughter...large pictures, few words...and I placed each page into a page protector and place that in a binder...and then we practiced and practiced and practiced. This is actually not a novel thing for our girls, they LOVE to play "sacrament meeting". They pull our trashcan out into the middle of the kitchen (it has a lid, and is a perfect "podium") and then they place a small watering can on top and "speak" into the spout! They sing songs, say prayers, and "give talks". So..the big day arrives, and I hand Maddie her binder with her talk, and she sits, clutching her talk...anxiously awaiting her turn.

FINALLY, her name is called and she literally LEAPS off her chair...I, who have been seated next to her, make the motions to get up myself...using the set of eyes in the back of her head, she spins around...holds out her hand in the universal "STOP" position and declares, for all to hear..."No Mom, you stay here." I smile, and whisper, "I am going to help you". My 3 year old declares (again for all to hear) "No, I do it myself" Would it surprise you to learn that she did it by herself...I did manage to make it up under the pretense of holding a picture...and she only needed my help once! She was AMAZING! Maddie also recited the 1st Article of Faith to her Sunbeam teacher, and has a star on the Primary's chart! :-) We are incredibly proud of our Maddie! :-)

Emma has also memorized the 1st Article of Faith (it was our FHE for the month of May), and it is pretty moving to hear you 2 year old recite the 1st Article of Faith! Emma also has FINALLY cut her last set of molars...YEAH...we are DONE with teething! It has been such an incredibly LONG time! Emma also has a new favorite place to shop...Circuit City! We have been there maybe twice in the 2 brief years of her existence here on Earth...however, it apparently made an impression...because she is always wanting to go to "Circuit City"! Her current favorite food is chocolate milk...and I do mean her favorite FOOD! :-) How we love our Emma!

We are actually headed to Missouri this parents have graciously offered to take us in for a couple of weeks, in an attempt to save what remains of my sanity. I am beginning to doubt that I have what it takes to be a Navy wife...I have a history of any deployment that is longer than a week sends me running home! How great it is to have a home to run to! :-) The girls are EXTREMELY excited to go to "Zuri", especially on an airplane! Me? I am a little leery of flying with a 2 and a 3 year old by myself...however, life is all about the bring it on!

We love you all!