Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Me 2

So, here I am...upstairs at our computer with the headphones on (makes it easier to pretend that the girls are asleep) and who can guess what is playing? U2

I have sooo many memories wrapped up in the music of this group, that I am thoroughly enjoying a trip down memory lane...everything from church dances, to Friday nights out with friends, to those fabulous BYU days, to driving Cali's Hwy 1 with the sunroof is good to be me! Anyway...

Had a relatively uneventful day..those are nice to have occasionally! Maddie had another appointment with her therapist up in Baltimore this that took care of the first half of the day! :-) This afternoon, we headed to the park and enjoyed being out...while it was cold, the fresh air was AWESOME...and the girls needed to RUN and RUN and RUN!

Dinner tonight was Miles all time favorite meal...Navajo Tacos. Maddie announced tonight that it is her favorite meal as long as we don't put "salad" (lettuce) on hers! She also quickly set things to right when Dad set the table, but forgot to put the sour cream on...Maddie LOVES sour cream...which she calls "sour cream sauce" (it seems she got a few things from her mother!)

That is about it from here...

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Twilight Zone...

A couple of nights ago, our little family had a unique experience...

I had made for dinner a homemade pizza. I had, in consideration of my small ones, made 1/2 cheese only. I had also, to appease my Mommy guilt, made green beans to serve alongside our pizza. As I prepared the plates for our little angels, I noted the portion sizes I was serving them...they each had maybe 4 small pieces of green bean...and 1 rather large piece of pizza. We all know that children LOVE pizza, and have not so wonderful feelings towards all things least our children do! I placed the plates in front of the girls, and then it happened....

Madelynn quickly devoured her green beans, and flatly refused to eat her pizza. Did you want a minute to read that again...make sure you read it right! In our house, the rule is you have to eat your dinner, or you sit at the table until clean up time...what a show our Maddie put on in the 45 minutes she sat at the table. She went on and on about how she doesn't like cheese, she doesn't like bread...she would put pieces in her mouth, and gag and gag and gag and gag. Honestly, she could easily snatch up an Oscar for her performance! (I might add that at dinner this evening she inhaled a piece of "cheesy bread"-which is basically garlic bread with a little bit of cheddar cheese on top-note: BOTH bread and cheese!)

That night, as Miles and I reflected on the moment, certain that we had slipped into the Twilight a place where children LOVE the healthy food, and shun the fattening food...we wondered if maybe we'd fought the wrong battle :-)

Love you all!

May the Force be with You...

We have recently introduced our little princesses to the wonderful world of "Star Wars". We have the Lego Star Wars game for our Wii, and it is one of my favorite games to play...and the girls LOVE to watch the action. I decided a couple of weeks ago, that given their interest in the game, perhaps they'd like the movies. I must admit, I had apprehensions...Emma gets "scared" at the smallest thing...we have several Veggie Tale movies that we can't watch without fast-forwarding through the "scary parts" for our Emma. I believed that our little Em would probably not make through the first five minutes...ummm...children ever keep you guessing, and they are FULL of surprises! In fact, Star Wars has become the movie of choice over the last few weeks, and I wanted to share with you the world that George Lucas created as seen through the eyes of a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old:

  • Princess "Lucy" a.k.a. Princess Leia...for reasons only known to Emma, who INSISTS on calling Princess Leia, Princess Lucy
  • P-O-P-O a.k.a. C3PO
  • R-D-D-2 a.k.a. R2-D2
  • "the bluckie guy with the buttons on his clothes" a.k.a. Darth Vader
  • "the blue bluckie guy" a.k.a. The Emperor
  • "the red bluckie guy" a.k.a. Darth Maul...who has won a special place in our girls hearts. In fact, when asked which Star Wars movie they want to is almost always the one with the "red bluckie guy". I have on occasion, when in a hurry, been able to appease them by simply skipping to the final fight scene...which is apparently their favorite "red bluckie guy" scene! :-)
  • "walkies" a.k.a. Ewoks
  • "the blue flying guy" a.k.a. Jango Fett...of course Boba is the "the green flying guy"
  • "the green monster" a.k.a Jaba the Hutt
  • "the brown monster" a.k.a. the Rancor
Interesting side notes, they have no clue who Luke Skywalker is...they can name most of the bad guys, but Luke's character has made little to no impression on our little princesses!

I, personally, am enjoying the fact that their imaginative play repertoire has expanded from "princess" to light saber fights and using the "force" on each other (they will actually occasionally stop swinging their imaginary light sabers at each other, and put their hands out in front of them, and render an excellent "I-am-using-the-force-on-you" pose!)

The other night, as we were sitting at the dinner table, out of the clear blue sky, Maddie picks up her imaginary "blaster" and lets off three quick shots...then turns to us and explains, "Bad guys". Being the excellent mother I am :-) I determined to nip this in the bud by announcing that there would be NO shooting of bad guys at the dinner table, and I was putting a force field around the table to protect us while we ate (anyone see what is coming?) I pushed my imaginary control buttons on the table, and settled back to finish dinner, when Maddie exclaims, in horror, "Mom, there is a door in the force field" How do you argue with that?

Lest you think the force field made no impression...a day later, Miles was in the kitchen doing dishes (he IS the perfect husband!) and Maddie come running in, "Daddy, monsters are coming". Miles, the perfect husband, says "Not now. Daddy is doing dishes, we'll get the monsters when I am finished" At which point Maddie turns around, pushes several imaginary buttons and activates a force field around Daddy to protect him until he is finished...and because you never know...she then stood guard just in case!

So...from our star system to yours...May the Force be with You! :-)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Like Me! is another GREAT moment brought to us by Emma...

Several nights ago we were in the midst of family scripture time. As OFTEN happens the attention span of our little Thing 1 (Maddie) and Thing 2 (Emma) was wearing thin. Miles had pulled Emma into his lap, to try and help her to "focus" but we were losing Maddie quickly. As we were reading the part of 1 Nephi where the angel comes to chastise Laman and Lemuel for beating up Nephi and Sam...I had a flash of inspiration to read the angel's words in a LOUD, BOOMING voice. (Yep, doing voices while reading the scriptures...think I could get in trouble for that?) As I am BOOMING the words of the angel, Emma looks up at her father, shaking her head back and forth and says to her father, "I have a silly Mommy" to which her father-ever my champion-says, "Yes, yes - you do." However, not to be discouraged...because I had everyone's attention now...I proceeded to read the verse containing Laman and Lemuel's response to this angelic visitation in the best whiny voice I possibly could. As I finished, I commented on how Laman and Lemuel were BIG whiners. Emma's face lit up, and she exclaimed, "Like ME!" This leaves Miles and I to ponder whether or not Emma is understanding that when we tell she is a whiner...that is a BAD thing! Something to work on! :-)

As you can tell, I managed to survive day 1...

However, today is poised to completely do me in. Maddie has an appointment up in Baltimore this afternoon at Kennedy Krieger. That means that Emma will miss her nap, and we are guaranteed to be in the midst of rush hour on the way home...all the ingredients for a fine, fine day! :-)

I need to go and get the girls fed, and ready to go...keep coming back for more! We love and miss you all!

Monday, January 14, 2008

BIG sick...

A.K.A. Pneumonia!

Yep! That sickness that I thought I was recovering from, came back with a vengeance, and turned out to be pneumonia. What fun we have had the last 5 days! :-{ Miles took 4 days of leave, and has been husband/father of the year picking up ALL of the slack, as I have been able to do ABSOLUTELY nothing. At one point I found myself unable to muster the strength to open a bottle of Sprite...HOWEVER, I believe that I have overcome the worst of it, and look forward to clearing out my lungs over the next couple of weeks. Fortunately, both of the girls and Miles have been spared...keeping our fingers crossed.

I don't have time to get into ALL of the priceless gems over the last week...however, this time I did at least make a list, so I can eventually get to them all. I wanted to offer a wee teaser, that will hopefully make you smile and keep you coming back for more...

A couple of nights ago we are seated at the table enjoying some chocolate chip cookies. Madelynn, ever our giver, takes one of her two cookies, breaks it into four semi-equal pieces, and proceeds to give each of us a piece of her cookie. Of course, both Miles and I rained praises on her for sharing, and in turn shared a large piece of our cookies with her. I looked over at Emma who was enjoying her cookie gift, and I asked, "Emma, would you like to share some of your cookie with Maddie, since she shared with you?" Emma says, "Sure" and proceeds to break off the tiniest crumb from the piece of cookie that Maddie originally gave her and hand the microscopic offering to her sister...SIGH! Technically sharing, may have to work of the SPIRIT of sharing! :-)

Honestly, soo much more...I'll be back I promise!

Monday, January 7, 2008

We are still here...

It has been waaay too long. The last few days have been completely lost to us as I have been VERY ill, and Miles has been valiantly playing BOTH Mom and Dad. As it appears I am finally on the mend, let's bring you all up to date on the latest from the Maschger home...

These are in no particular order:

Build-a-Bear: Grandma and Grandpa Maschger sent Maddie and Emma gift certificates for Christmas to go to Build-a-Bear and create their very own "baby". So we made the trek to the "big" mall (that is what our girls call the mall in Columbia, MD) and let them choose all the stuff for their very own baby. What a treat! Madelynn completely got into the entire experience...if you've never done a build-a-bear, they really know how to market to their client :-) Once the bears were chosen, and stuffed, it was time to dress them. Emma quickly chose a Tinkerbell outfit apparently because it came with a "magic wand" which Emma carried for the next three days! Just the other day, as I was taking her to nap time carrying her "magic wand", I asked her what she was going to do with her wand. She replied, "Nothing, it doesn't work" :-) Now that the bears are dressed it is time to name them, and receive the official "birth certificate". Our Maddie named her bear, "Tayta"...Emma named hers "Toto" (we had watched Wizard of Oz a couple of days before...guess it made an impression!) Finally, it is time to check-out, and each bear is placed in its own "house" (a cardboard box shaped like a house) Maddie would have NO such thing, her baby Tayta was NOT going in the house...Emma had no issues, so Maddie carried her bear out, and Emma let Daddy carry her "house" out. It was a GREAT experience. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa...

A great idea: While we were at the "big" mall, Miles and I took the opportunity to do some fact finding as we are in the market for cell phones. We stopped at several kiosks, and spent time wading through the sales pitches...adding a good hour or so to our day. By the time we left the mall dinner time was quickly we were walking to the car, I suggested to Miles perhaps we should just go eat at Cheesecake Factory...which is a joke because to feed our family there would take more money then we have in our "eat-out" budget...Emma immediately turns around, and says, "THAT is a GREAT idea Mom!" There is NO possible way she has EVER heard the term "Cheesecake Factory" much less be able to associate it with food...however, what she did hear was "go eat at"...and that means not eating at home, and Emma LOVES not eating at home!

A kid: A couple of days ago, Miles was upstairs with Maddie trying to get her to actually be quiet during our "quiet time". They were snuggled on "Mommy's bed", and as any hard-working dad would do, Miles was drifting in and out of consciousness. Suddenly Maddie sits up and blurts out, "Dad, I just thought of something. Kid!" At which point she lays back down, and the moment is over...what I wouldn't give to know what goes on in that little head! :-)

Obviously with a whole week gone by, there are more stories to tell than can possibly be told, and unfortunately I have forgotten so many I was going to remember...SIGH! We have been blessed with such awesome girls, who are loaded with personality, and are at such a great age right now, that there will always be something to write...

Maddie is experiencing one of her developmental "growth" spurts. In just the last couple of weeks, she has taken it upon herself to decide whether her clothes need to go in the laundry or not, and if they are clean, then she will FOLD them and put them away...all by herself. The last couple of days, she take her clothes into the bathroom, and dresses herself...with little to no help. Her new favorite word? "Cooperate" To Maddie this means anytime Mom and Dad give her help in any way...we are cooperating...Maddie LOVES to cooperate! :-) Without fail, she makes sure there are napkins on the table anytime we are eating, and she is VERY careful to clean up any of her spills. What a blessing is our biggest girl!

Emma is also exploding in her growth...her vocabulary can be down right disturbing! The other day, she was pouting at the kitchen table. I asked her why she was sad...Our little girls says, "Mom, I am 'frusterated' ". I replied, "Why are you frustrated?" She says, "Because I wanted to say the prayer, but you picked Maddie to say the prayer." As our experience with young children speaking has been Maddie who didn't say more than 50 words until she was over 3...a 2-yr-old who uses words like "frustrated" and "because" and correct verb a totally new experience. Emma turns 3 February 18th, and to Miles and I we think, "Is she only turning 3? Are you sure we didn't misplace a year or two somewhere?" Now if we could just get her to use the potty :-) It always has to be something!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Butterflies in your face-Emma

Butterflies in your face-Maddie

Can you have too much fun?

NOPE! Not in this house! :-)

We have spent the last two days filling the hours with one game after another. Our girls have reached such a great, magical age...they are finally able to actually play games. We have played everything from Candy Land, to hide and seek, to "duck, duck, goose", to "Go Fish", to several games completely invented by our Maddie. I'd go into detail...however, we may market some of these, and we wouldn't want to spoil the surprise! :-) Truly, Miles and I have had such a wonderful time laughing and playing with our girls!

Yesterday afternoon we sat down at the table to have our "party" for New Year's Eve. (In one of my more clever "mom" moments...I thought it might be best to fill them with sugar EARLY) Anyway, we sat before this marvelous spread of fudge, and peanut butter bars, and chips and cheese, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate for dipping a bowlful of get the picture. Before I had reached across the table to start filling plates, Emma had grabbed at least 3 pieces of fudge and crammed them in her mouth. :-) We immediately moved the fudge AWAY from Emma. Maddie, very excited about the chocolate dipped strawberries, was anxiously waiting for Mom to get her plate filled. After eating all of her chocolate dipped strawberries, she turns to me with a piece of fudge in hand, and asks if she can dip that in chocolate. I pointed out that fudge was already chocolate...she looked a little puzzled, then took a small bite from the corner...and with a completely stunned look cries out..."It IS chocolate, Mom" Apparently a love of chocolate is genetic? After stuffing ourselves, we settled into the rest of our crazy party evening....involving a bath for the girls, FHE, and a movie. About 30 minutes into the movie, Emma announces that she is tired, and heads to was 6:30pm! :-) That was our New Year's Eve...

Interestingly, when I asked Emma what she wanted for lunch today, she replied, "I want a party again" :-)

Today, the girls were "helping" us sort laundry. Maddie was on one side of a pile, and Miles asked her if she had any white clothes. He reply, "Go fish!" Are you laughing? We sure did!

There were sooo many beautiful moments with our girls over the last two days, that I am afraid if I were to share them all, none of us could get on with our lives! However, I wanted to share with you a brief video of a new game...invented by Dad. Santa brought us the game "Elefun" back in 2006. It is a favorite with our girls. So, of course, with yesterday's game frenzy, "Elefun" was selected. We pulled it down, only to discover that the batteries were on their last leg...not enough juice to push the small "butterflies" up the, Dad gets the girls to stick their faces over the fan...minus the tube, and blows "butterflies" into their faces. THEY LOVED IT! (Sidenote: this morning I was upstairs in the office, when Emma approached me with the following, "Mom, we need to go to the commissary and get the batteries, ok? Because the commissary has the batteries. So, we need to go to the commissary and get the batteries." I replied, "Batteries for what?" Exasperated and throwing her hands in the air, "For the Elefun, Mom" Then in classic Mom mode, I reply, "OK...I'll put it on my list so I will remember the next time I go to the commissary." Emma replies, "OK, and then we can ALL go to the commissary with you to get the batteries." This same conversation was repeated SEVERAL time today. Finally this evening, she adds the following, "Mom, we need to get the bunny batteries, ok?" Anyone question whether marketing targets kids?)

So enjoy the video...we love you all!