Sunday, March 23, 2008

Is fashion sense genetic?

How I truly LOVE my beautiful children, and the many ways that they are discovering their presence in this world...that they are a unique entity. Our Emma has a VERY STRONG personality (not saying which side that came from) and she ALWAYS knows what is best for her! While this offers some challenges, I have chosen NOT to fight her in the arena of fashion. I try very hard not to impose on her budding sense of self...and the result is this enchanting ensemble. We have a dress that was several sizes too small, pants (Mom did interfere with the notion of running around half-naked!) tights, flip-flops and a winter coat...BACKWARDS! This fetching outfit turned many heads at the commissary, and drew more than a few chuckles. It took me a good 20 minutes to get into the commissary, because her flip-flops kept sliding off her stocking covered feet! Seriously....I LOVE my kids!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Talking about fairies...

What a marvelous thing our children are...ever keeping us on our toes!

Yesterday, during the sacrament, Miles leaned over and whispered into Maddie's ear, "Who do we think about during the sacrament?" Maddie replied, "Jesus. I am talking to Jesus right now, because I am telling him I want to be a fairy." Miles, of course, chuckled...leaned over and was in the process of relating this gem to me, when Maddie...very aware that we were talking about her...asks in a "whisper" (that's the quiet voice that can be heard several rows in all directions!) "Dad, do you want to be a fairy too?" Miles head snapped around, and he exclaimed (in an almost whisper) most emphatically, "Boys are NOT fairies!" At this point, I am using everything I have to not laugh right out loud...not sure what was more amusing, my daughter's desire to be a fairy, or my husband's obvious aversion to being a fairy. When Maddie capped off the conversation with, "Yes they are. There are boy fairies in Barbie Fairytopia." Hard to argue with logic like that!

On a spiritual side: Miles and I decided yesterday that since we get home from church around 3:30pm, we would forgo "quiet time" and opt for an earlier bedtime. This makes incredible sense when you are discussing...that, of course, dooms it to failure in it actual execution! :-) We were managing to keep Thing 1 and Thing 2 fairly happy until we sat down to dinner. I had made Chicken n' Dumplings, a meal the girls love. I placed a bowl of steamy goodness in front of each of my children...and they both promptly began to cry, and whine about how the "hate" this meal...they "hate" chicken...they "don't like" bread. Miles and I ate our meal, and our dessert to the melodious tones of our screaming, crying children. We reminded them that they would stay at the table until they ate their meager meals, or until it was time for bed. As it had been a long day for Miles and I as well as out little angels, bedtime came VERY early! Miles and I had had enough after about 20 minutes...and opted to end the agony for all parties involved. After clearing off the table (all the while there was much weeping and wailing) we transitioned straight to clean up and PJs. Honestly...such a scene you have never seen...there is nothing like the hungry, tired child...the drama! We managed to sniffle our way through scripture time, and Miles asked our Maddie to say family prayer. Our weeping 4 yr old says a very typical prayer, but as she says "Amen", she looks to me and says, "Mom, Heavenly Father is talking to my heart." Seizing this moment for all that it was, I asked, "And what is He saying?". She replies, "He told me to be kind, and that it will be will all be OK." And our little girl, who'd spent the last hour crying over anything and everything...had stopped crying, went easily to her bed, and fell quickly asleep. There is not a doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father was talking to Maddie's heart! What a blessing children are...what a wonderful reminder of how simple it really is...

What of Mom and Dad? Well, Miles ran his first ever 5K today. Miles is one of those annoying runner types who can not even look at a running shoe for a year, and then suddenly decide to put some on and run 20 miles (a bit exaggerated, but you get the picture). Anyway, he signed up for it Monday or Tuesday of last week, and then completely forgot he'd has been another CRAZY Navy, my gifted, athletic husband...ran his first ever 5K. I should also note, that he was up at 4:45 this morning to attend a "Cross-Fit" work out at Bolling AFB...and then ran the 5K thing. Anyway, his time: 25:22

Mom? Well, I am working on what are quickly becoming "After-Conference" dresses...instead of Easter dresses. I chose this beautiful pattern...that is the hardest dress I have ever sewn...and it is a dress and pinafore that means you sew 2 dresses for each child. AAAGGGHHH! Anyway...everybody gets Easter dresses...I am just doing it my way :-} is late, and I have much to do! We love you all...and thanks sooo much for all of your comments! We love feeling we are connected to all the wonderful people that have and continue to bless our lives!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Emma and King Noah...

Another priceless gem care of Emma:

As a family we are currently reading the Book of Mormon, and are in the book of Mosiah. We are in Chapter 11, which introduces wicked King Noah. As we have read, we have been talking about the "bad choices" that King Noah is making. This evening, at the conclusion of scripture time, Miles asked Emma to say family prayer. Emma starts her prayer very predictably, and then suddenly she begins telling Heavenly Father all about King Noah, and his bad choices, and asking Heavenly Father to help King Noah not make any more bad choices...or else "King Noah will have to go into time out!" One of those occasions that you just can't hold the laugh in...when you hear your 3-yr old put King Noah in time out! :-)

I love my family!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!


In a wonderful development, Emma has decided that she is done with diapers this week (with a little encouragement from Mom!) I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am to be quickly approaching a time when I am diaper diapers have been a part of my life for the last 4 1/2 years! To encourage our little Emma in her efforts, I took her to the commissary to pick out a treat...something we could reward her with each time she used the potty. I took her to the candy aisle, which also happens to have cookies. Emma spotted the Oreos, and would have nothing else. So, we bought the package of Oreos and brought them home. Within moments of our return, Emma successfully used the potty, so a reward was warranted. I grabbed the package and opened it, and handed a cookie to Emma, who promptly began cry. (Such is life with Emma!) I asked her what the problem was, and between the sobs she explained that SHE wanted to open the Oreos, SHE wanted to pick her cookie, and SHE wanted to hold the package. In the spirit of this being a reward, I placed her cookie back in the package, had her sit at the table, where I handed her the package to choose her own cookie. Emma, being the world's slowest eater, begins to lick her Oreo. Knowing that the consumption of this Oreo could take a good 20 mins, I headed upstairs and started cleaning our bathroom. About 10 minutes later, I head downstairs to check on the progress of Emma and her Oreo. To my amazement, Emma is holding a practically whole cookie in her hand. Instantly realizing that there is NO way this could be the original cookie, I open the Oreo package...YEP...our "little" angel had eaten 4 whole Oreo cookies. :-) Can we blame her? What would you do if someone sat you down at a table with an opened package of Oreos? :-)

As for the rest of us...Miles is back from Korea! He actually got to come home a couple of days early, which was a GREAT surprise! We are enjoying having him home...for as long as the Navy can spare him! :-( I am frantically working on this year's Easter dresses...because someone moved Easter into March!

We had a great trip down to DC last week. My Aunt Julie and her family were in town, and they let us come down and hang out with them and do the dash down the National Mall! :-) The girls had sooo much fun, that I have Maddie now asking...on almost a daily basis...if we can go to the museums today! I am not sure whether it was the museums she liked, or riding the entire day on Cousin Troy's shoulders! (Thanks again Troy!)

That's about if from here...enjoy the pictures! :-)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

When Daddy Comes Home

Loving the Navy...

So, for those of you who are not blessed to live life in the military, allow me to share our last week with you...for those of you have have lived the "good" life, sit back and enjoy more of the same! :-)

About a month ago, my wonderful husband Miles, was tasked with making plans for a trip to Korea leaving Wednesday, Feb 27. He was not going on this trip, just making some of the arrangements. Being the man that he is, he dutifully endeavored to get the job done, however he was constantly thwarted by higher powers. This was extremely frustrating to him as he tried again and again to get stuff done, and he was repeatedly told to wait until this piece of info came in, or such and such happened. About two weeks ago, he was told that he would be going on this trip...then every other day he was told he was not going, he was going, he wasn't, he was, he wasn't, he was... (we call this riding the wave!) Anyway, last week everyone at the command all of a sudden became concerned because nothing was done...Miles spent several nights at work until 10 or 11pm. Monday morning, Miles was told (once again) that he was definitely going...then at 2:30pm, he was told that his orders had been canceled and that he was definitely NOT going.

Not to leave you hanging, but I have to also tell you what else was going on...despite Miles' commands constant complaints about his lack of communication, his maturity level, and his lack of leadership abilities (it has been an exciting couple of months for us :-( !) Miles division wants to nominate him for Sailor of the Quarter (S.O.Q)?!?!? While this is a great thing it comes with an insane amount of paperwork. So, this last week, while he was trying to keep this whole Korea trip going...he'd come home at 10-11, and stay up until 1-2 am working on his (S.O.Q) stuff. The stress was insane...

So...Tuesday morning, at morning muster, Miles is told that he is going to Korea in less than 24 hours! AAAGGGHHH! He was also told that he could go home as soon as he had his stuff sorted out so that he'd have time to get himself packed and his S.O.Q. paperwork in before he had to be at the airport at 5am Wednesday morning. YEP (all those of you who have lived the military life know what is coming, huh?) he didn't get home until almost 7 pm that night...there were all kinds of problems getting orders for him to leave... I believe that by the time we got the bags packed and the paperwork done it was closing in on 2am, which gave us a lovely 2 hour nap before we were up and headed to the airport.

So, Miles is in Korea...and I just got an email from him this morning complaining that in order to save $$, his command had them bunked up in open barracks with 100 other guys...he says Korea just got a whole lot less exciting! Nothing like having to do boot camp again :-)

So, that is our excitement. Fortunately, this is a short trip and he'll be home Saturday...unfortunately, communication is spotty at best, and I haven't heard from him since his last email early Friday morning. SIGH!

The girls and I are fine...unfortunately, we are getting really used to this insanity!

What else is new?

Well, they are finally installing a fence in our backyard. We requested one be installed when we moved in 2 years ago... :-)

Honestly, after the drama of getting Miles to Korea...I have worked really hard to keep everything very low key for the last few days! Have to recharge my "batteries" so I am ready for our next big Navy adventure...because the only thing that is certain about this life is that nothing is for certain! :-)

Love you all!