Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last Post for the Day. I Promise, but You Are Not Going to Want to Miss This

Many of you have probably already heard, but we figured we should probably put the word out officially.

I will be getting orders soon to Bahrain for a year. Tam will go and live with her parents during that time. I am scheduled to begin training the end of November.

Now for the really really exciting news!!!

WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!! Well Tam is pregnant, my work is done. I now get to sit back and relax.

We are excited for number four. Maddie is praying that it will be a boy and Emma is praying that it will be a girl. Originally they were praying for twins. I am glad that they switched what they were praying for. Because we know that Heavenly Father definitely answers prayers. (Is it bad that I prayed that my daughters twin prayer NOT be answered? Something to ponder.)

The due date is December 5, 2010 and I am scheduled to leave the week before that. Thankfully, Tam's doctor does not want her to go past her 38th week because of Tam's health issues. So, basically this is how the delivery will go: "Breath honey. Now Push Honey! Oh look its so cute! Well I gotta go dear have fun and see you later!" In all seriousness I am grateful I will be her for the delivery, but I am saddened that I will leave so soon after.

I am also using these blog posts as a way to procrastinate writing my 5 assignments that are due this week. (Only about a combined total of 30-40 written pages and two presentations.) No biggie? Right?

I hope everyone of you is doing well. Take care. Love the Maschgers

Run Run Run Around We Run Around

On Earth Day April 22, 2010, Fort Meade held a 5K race and our whole family ran. Mom and Dad ran with the girls. We were so proud of them. Emma ran the 5k in 42:56 and Maddie ran it in 59:03. Emma ran over a mile and half before she needed to stop to walk for bit. I think it was her competitiveness that motivated her. She hates getting passed. I am so proud of both my girls for their efforts. Emma wants to run another race and Maddie, well afterward, she told us she hated running.

Here is the link to the race results. So check it out: http://ftmeademwr.com/events/RunSeries/EarthDay5kResults.pdf

Maddie's become a Canadian and her facebook friend

Maddie has started to end just about every sentence with the word "eh" as in "I am going upstairs to put on my pajamas "eh'" and then Emma immediately follows by saying "b, c, d, e,..." Good Canadian times in the Maschger Household.

Maddie has also decided because one of her friends has imaginary friends that she needed to have an imaginary friend as well. So she created one, named George. They met on facebook and during nap time she took a two hour flight to Texas to met him for the first time. We had to negotiate his age with Maddie. Originally George was 17 years old. We told Maddie that Mom and Dad would not allow her to have a 17 year old friend. She then countered with a 10 year old friend. We finally settled on 7 and half years old. So now Maddie has a 7 and half year old facebook friend that lives in Texas and she talks to him incessantly on her cellphone.

Is that not a product our day? My daughter's imagery friend is on facebook. The imaginary friend is probably more active on facebook than Tam and I are.

Love the Maschgers

Gotta Love your Kids!!! No really you do!!!

So here is a simple new recipe Emma and her friends created.


1 Large Bowl
1 Full Roll of Toilet Paper
Enough water to fill said bowl
1 Bathroom sink.


Fill the bowl with water
Begin to unroll the entire roll of toilet paper into the bowl full of water ensuring that all the paper becomes thoroughly soaked and mushy.

Now taste your creation to ensure proper consistency. If it is to your liking you are done, if not add more toilet paper.

For an extra flourish make sure to spread the water to the bedroom soaking one of the dressers in the room.

After you are done then dump the entire bowl of water and toilet paper down the bathroom sink drain to clog it up.

I hope that you all enjoy this family favorite as much as we do!!!

Love the Maschgers