Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Broken Robot, Part 2

Here is Emma's "turn"!

Broken Robot

Another game of my father' that he played with us quite often. The game of, "Broken Robot". The "robot" lies broken on the floor, with legs and arms sticking straight up. The object is to get all the limbs to the floor...sounds simple. However, the "robot" is BROKEN...and so while you are in the process of lowering one limb, another shoots up...sometimes you get legs and arms down, and the head pops up. Anyway, hours can be spent trying to get the robot completely flat on the floor. The only way my siblings and I ever completely defeated the robot, was when we worked together, were much older, and able to drape our bodies across the robot effectively pinning him to the ground.

In this clip, Madelynn creates an entirely new solution to the problem....ENJOY! :-)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Star Wars Influence

For those of you who know anything about the family I grew up in, we are HUGE Star Wars fans! Fortunately, I married another Star Wars fan, and together we have endeavored to bring up our children in the ways of Star Wars. In fact, I have posted several posts with some classic Star Wars stories, and pictures drawn by Maddie. However, this video takes the cake. One afternoon, after watching a Star Wars movie...I shooed the girls outside to play (trying NOT to raise COMPLETE couch potatoes!) About 5 minutes later, I realize that there are unusual sounds floating in from the backyard. I went to the back door to investigate, and what to my eyes should appear but my two little girls playing Star Wars. Enjoy...

How to play "Volcano"

One of the many games my father played with us when I was a little one, was a game called, "Volcano". I have, of course, passed this wonderful experience on to my little girls. A couple of months ago, the girls were asking to play "volcano", and I had to explain that I couldn't play anymore because the baby in my tummy presented a bit of an impediment. So, not to be thwarted, they turned to their father and begged to play "volcano". Miles, of course, quickly agreed...however, Maddie would not start play until she had showed her father how to play. So, here are Emma and Maddie "teaching" Dad how to play the timeless classic, "Volcano"! (Enjoy Papa!!!)