Sunday, June 28, 2009

How well do you know the Maschger girls?

POP QUIZ! I am posting one picture of each picture PER girl. You tell me who you think is who?

Picture #1: Maddie? Emma? Ellie?

Picture #2: Maddie? Emma? Ellie?

Picture #3: Maddie? Emma? Ellie?

Just wanted to share! Love you all! :-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Hero!

Jill Syphert, the Taylor Family, and the Maschgers...all completed the 10K!!! WHOO HOO!!!...or in Army speak...HOOAH!

There he hero! This past Saturday was the Hooah! run (it's an Army thing). It was advertised as a run with a 5K and 10K option. I had decided to run the 5K, and felt pretty confident that I could do so without re-injuring myself. Our triple jogging stroller had come in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and Miles was excited to enter himself with the 133lb handicap! Upon arrival, we learned that the race had been advertised incorrectly, and was in fact a 10K only. Because I don't always do the smart thing, I signed up to run. About 1 mile into the race, in almost last place, I realized that I was FAR from ready to run a 10K...Miles was itching to run something a bit faster than my shuffle I let him go, and I climbed into the trail vehicle. Miles took off, seemingly oblivious to the 133lbs he was pushing in front of him. I was able to catch a ride to the finish line, and be there when Miles crossed...his total time 1:02!!! Pretty amazing, considering that he spent the first 15 minutes walking along with me! :-) The girls had a BLAST! Ellie slept, and the girls apparently peppered Miles with questions about the scenery that was flying past them! :-) Needless to say, Miles is hooked...and I have decided that I am going to train with the stroller during my short runs during the week, and then I'll let Miles push it in the races...I figure I'll be pretty invincible! :-)

In other news, Miles had his Farewell party this week. There was a picnic at Andrews AFB, and the girls favorite part was seeing where the president's plane lives! :-) He begins checking out of his command on Monday, and by the 1st of July we will be done with our second tour! Miles isn't going to check into the school until the 15th of July, so we are looking forward to taking some time to hand out as a family, since once school starts there will be none of that! :-)

The girls are doing really well. Maddie stunned us all last Monday night when she read "Go, Dog, Go" to the family during FHE! We had decided to have a reading party, where each member of the family would select a book to read to the family...the rule, you had to read what you picked. Emma quickly selected the only book she can read, "Mat" from the BOB book series, and Maddie came back to the circle with "Go, Dog, Go!" In one of my weaker "Mom" moments, I pointed out that she would have to read that book, I wasn't going to read it, and maybe she should pick something she could read...truly a low moment for me! Maddie declared, "I can read this book!" Miles and I exchanged glances, and rolled our eyes, and prepared to deal with the drama that would ensue when she realized she really couldn't read the book...ahhhhh...we parents always know what is best! :-( Maddie plops down on the floor, opens the book, and read the whole thing, only needing help on a couple of words! I was completely blown away!!!! I had no idea she knew so many words, and that she had such confidence in her abilities...I knew that she was progressing, and we had just completed our "A" book in school...BUT...this completely surpassed it all! I had read the book to her before, but it was a recent library loan, and so I'd only read it a couple of truly was a moving moment! :-)

Emma decided that she wanted to do school again. Since Emma just turned 4, Miles and I have decided that we aren't going to force the school issue on Emma until she is ready. About every couple of weeks, she sparks an interest, and we do a little school, and then her attention wavers, and she is off on something else. This week, she stuck with full lessons for all four days of school...I was really proud of her!

Ellie is growing like a weed...and she is incredibly mobile...which I am NOT at all excited about! I am a little miffed that I didn't get more time with the sedentary child. As a first time parent you can hardly wait for your child to reach those movement milestones...Maddie walked at 9 months, and Miles and I just KNEW that we had the smartest child of all time! :-) When Emma didn't walk until 15 months, I was soooo relieved, and would have been willing to carry her for another year more if she wanted! :-) To have my 5 month old scooting all over the place...just wearies me...I wasn't ready...that's the essence of my drama...I just wasn't ready to deal with the mobility issue...SIGH! She is most decidedly a Momma's girl, and won't have anything to do with formula, or vegetables! :-) We started her on solids a couple of weeks ago, and made the horrific mistake of making the cereal with formula...honestly, genuine gag reflex! :-) However, make the cereal with water, and she downs the bowl! Now, try throwing in some veggies with the cereal...yep...the gag reflex back! Applesauce is the only way to go! :-) She's proving that she knows what she wants, and though she may appear to be a laid back child, she has plenty of personality to make everyday an adventure! :-)

That's about it from here...

We love you all!