Sunday, August 24, 2008

SO...Guess what?

For those of you NOT aware, we are pregnant. (Thought I'd get that out there...just in case it catches anyone off-guard)

This Wednesday we went in for "THE" ultrasound. You know, the one where the primary purpose is listed on the insurance sheet "anatomy screen"...but really, for those who want to know, you can finally end weeks of debating, and guessing and KNOW the sex of the small one within. BOTH Miles and I are BIG advocates for "knowing"...and as it has been pointed out to us, it is still a "surprise" it just comes 20 weeks earlier! :-) I killing you? We know.

The rest of the week was CRAZY! Miles continues to fight the good fight at work. I am getting a but tired of constantly writing..."work is brutal for Miles"...but it seriously has not seemed to let up FOREVER. Could this be "adulthood"? If so, we'd like a refund! Needless to say, he is working constantly exhausted, and gets to come home and take care of his "horror-mone" driven wife. Poor man...:-(

As for the girls and I, we kept ourselves busy with playdates, and rehearsals. Our ward had its annual Talent Show Friday night, and our little princesses participated! In a MASSIVE effort, one amazing sister managed to throw together a delightful little dance number...that involved 8-10 little girls (ages 3-6?) dressed up in their finest princess gowns! It literally stole the this unbiased observer! I have to let you know that Maddie turned in quite the stellar performance...including LOTS of extra spins, singing, and hand waving at Dad. Emma did a wonderful job...followed the directions beautifully, and even remembered her part...which was jumping into a laundry basket and being pushed around the stage. It was awesome. We got some video, and once I work it over a bit...we'll post it! Well worth the watch!

In other news, Maddie is supposed to start school this week...despite the fact that I have heard nothing from her teacher, or from the bus companies with pick up times and places. She will be attending the ECI class again (a sort of "special education" preschool program). I think she is pretty conflicted with the whole approaching school thing...there is ALOT she likes about school...but she isn't real fond of the "work" part of school. So, I get alot of excitement, and a little bit of apprehension. Pretty normal.

Emma is excited, because Mommy has decided that Emma is LONG overdue for some "schooling" herself. Since my little 3-yr old is trying VERY hard to read...pointing out every word she sees between our house and wherever we may be headed...not to mention what she sees in the house. (You never realize how prevalent words are in our society, until you have a 3-yr old constantly asking "What does that say, Mom?") Anyway, I figure Maddie could benefit from some light academic we are going to start school in the mornings! (Because I didn't have enough going on in my life!) :-)

Overall, I am doing quite well. I have GREAT days where I get TONS accomplished...nesting from sun-up to sun-down. Then, I have other days. However, everything seems to be great...the baby is doing well, all her anatomy checked out, and she is estimated to already weigh a whooping 9 ounces!

We have a TON of pics and videos to post...maybe I'll get to that this week :-) We love and miss you all!

The Maschgers - Miles, Tamara, Madelynn, Emma, and...?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pirate Princess's

I wish the camera's batteries didn't die, because I thought that it was funny. Our girls were invited to one of their friends birthday party's. The theme was a pirate party, and everyone was to come dressed up as a pirate. We did try to get them to dress up as something pirate themed. However, my girls weren't interested at all at being pirates. So instead they went as princesses, because they wear their princess dresses more than they wear their own clothes. So we said they were the damsels in distress. It was pretty cute to see the damsels in distress at a pirate party.

Other news! Tam's pregnancy is going well. The only real craving she has had is for Mexican food. We think that she is going to give birth to a little Mexican kid. I have been really busy at work, and trying to keep out of trouble.