Friday, September 5, 2008

Deep thoughts from a three year old

Emma; our very smart three year old, asked us these questions this week.

Here are the topics. Discuss!!!

1) Do butterflies have teeth?
2) Do birds poop? and is it white?
3) What are chemicals? Is it cricket poop? (Followed by a long list of things that she knows that go poop. She wasn't on the list!!!! Argh!!!!)

Are you smarter than a three year old? Let us know.

Maddie today played doctor with all of dolls. Apparently, there was a very contagious disease going around today. All of the dolls were sick and in the hospital with Maddie as their doctor. Thankfully, she did not lose one patient. However, on her way to bed she kept on asking Tam to feel her forehead because she was sick too. She obviously has not learned to the pull sick card Monday morning before school, not friday afternoon after school, and I am not going to be the one to tell her.


Crystal said...

Birds do poop, but it isn't exactly white. That's what Cheyenne found out when he got pooped on in his whites.

Glad to hear all the animals pulled through.

SheL said...

Your girls are the cutest =)