Monday, March 17, 2008

Talking about fairies...

What a marvelous thing our children are...ever keeping us on our toes!

Yesterday, during the sacrament, Miles leaned over and whispered into Maddie's ear, "Who do we think about during the sacrament?" Maddie replied, "Jesus. I am talking to Jesus right now, because I am telling him I want to be a fairy." Miles, of course, chuckled...leaned over and was in the process of relating this gem to me, when Maddie...very aware that we were talking about her...asks in a "whisper" (that's the quiet voice that can be heard several rows in all directions!) "Dad, do you want to be a fairy too?" Miles head snapped around, and he exclaimed (in an almost whisper) most emphatically, "Boys are NOT fairies!" At this point, I am using everything I have to not laugh right out loud...not sure what was more amusing, my daughter's desire to be a fairy, or my husband's obvious aversion to being a fairy. When Maddie capped off the conversation with, "Yes they are. There are boy fairies in Barbie Fairytopia." Hard to argue with logic like that!

On a spiritual side: Miles and I decided yesterday that since we get home from church around 3:30pm, we would forgo "quiet time" and opt for an earlier bedtime. This makes incredible sense when you are discussing...that, of course, dooms it to failure in it actual execution! :-) We were managing to keep Thing 1 and Thing 2 fairly happy until we sat down to dinner. I had made Chicken n' Dumplings, a meal the girls love. I placed a bowl of steamy goodness in front of each of my children...and they both promptly began to cry, and whine about how the "hate" this meal...they "hate" chicken...they "don't like" bread. Miles and I ate our meal, and our dessert to the melodious tones of our screaming, crying children. We reminded them that they would stay at the table until they ate their meager meals, or until it was time for bed. As it had been a long day for Miles and I as well as out little angels, bedtime came VERY early! Miles and I had had enough after about 20 minutes...and opted to end the agony for all parties involved. After clearing off the table (all the while there was much weeping and wailing) we transitioned straight to clean up and PJs. Honestly...such a scene you have never seen...there is nothing like the hungry, tired child...the drama! We managed to sniffle our way through scripture time, and Miles asked our Maddie to say family prayer. Our weeping 4 yr old says a very typical prayer, but as she says "Amen", she looks to me and says, "Mom, Heavenly Father is talking to my heart." Seizing this moment for all that it was, I asked, "And what is He saying?". She replies, "He told me to be kind, and that it will be will all be OK." And our little girl, who'd spent the last hour crying over anything and everything...had stopped crying, went easily to her bed, and fell quickly asleep. There is not a doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father was talking to Maddie's heart! What a blessing children are...what a wonderful reminder of how simple it really is...

What of Mom and Dad? Well, Miles ran his first ever 5K today. Miles is one of those annoying runner types who can not even look at a running shoe for a year, and then suddenly decide to put some on and run 20 miles (a bit exaggerated, but you get the picture). Anyway, he signed up for it Monday or Tuesday of last week, and then completely forgot he'd has been another CRAZY Navy, my gifted, athletic husband...ran his first ever 5K. I should also note, that he was up at 4:45 this morning to attend a "Cross-Fit" work out at Bolling AFB...and then ran the 5K thing. Anyway, his time: 25:22

Mom? Well, I am working on what are quickly becoming "After-Conference" dresses...instead of Easter dresses. I chose this beautiful pattern...that is the hardest dress I have ever sewn...and it is a dress and pinafore that means you sew 2 dresses for each child. AAAGGGHHH! Anyway...everybody gets Easter dresses...I am just doing it my way :-} is late, and I have much to do! We love you all...and thanks sooo much for all of your comments! We love feeling we are connected to all the wonderful people that have and continue to bless our lives!


Jamie & Brian said...

I just want to rub in the fact that Eliza's Easter dress was done last week. Haha! Okay so nevermind that it was from the simplest pattern ever and I only have one child to sew for. I still win! Oh and to top it off, I sewed her a matching Easter basket because Easter is really about the bunny and you know it! On a serious note, I think the Ensign (Feb issue)had some awesome Easter suggestions for keeping the day spiritually centered. Check it out! Well, you probably don't need it. You've got that whole spiritual thing down.

Bastianclan said...

I love reading your blog. You make my day. I love the spirit your blog has. Your girls really are wonderful spirits. You and miles are doing a wonderful job teaching them. No one can describe the feeling a mother has when her child's prayer has been answered.
As for the Easter Dress wow I do not even sew so I say right on to you and Jamie for even making the dresses. giggles. Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so now I feel like a real slacker mom that you and Jamie both sewed Easter dresses. I took a lot of time picking out matching dresses for Caroline and Lauren so that must count for something. I had to laugh all through this blog because the crying and meltdown reminded me so much of Caroline who is our resident drama queen. Tonight it was crocodile tears because her dessert wasn't in the "right" dish.