Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gotta Love your Kids!!! No really you do!!!

So here is a simple new recipe Emma and her friends created.


1 Large Bowl
1 Full Roll of Toilet Paper
Enough water to fill said bowl
1 Bathroom sink.


Fill the bowl with water
Begin to unroll the entire roll of toilet paper into the bowl full of water ensuring that all the paper becomes thoroughly soaked and mushy.

Now taste your creation to ensure proper consistency. If it is to your liking you are done, if not add more toilet paper.

For an extra flourish make sure to spread the water to the bedroom soaking one of the dressers in the room.

After you are done then dump the entire bowl of water and toilet paper down the bathroom sink drain to clog it up.

I hope that you all enjoy this family favorite as much as we do!!!

Love the Maschgers


Dasha said...

Oh, I so know this. This is Evie's favorite thing these days. Except she goes right for the toilet bowl and has filled it twice with a whole roll of toilet paper. What a mess!

Jill said...

hmmm. another Evie, eh? beware! never name your child Evie unless you want drama with toilet paper and water. Who knew that the "mother of all living" really translates into "the mother of all spit wad and toilet paper soup makers."

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