Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Maddie's become a Canadian and her facebook friend

Maddie has started to end just about every sentence with the word "eh" as in "I am going upstairs to put on my pajamas "eh'" and then Emma immediately follows by saying "b, c, d, e,..." Good Canadian times in the Maschger Household.

Maddie has also decided because one of her friends has imaginary friends that she needed to have an imaginary friend as well. So she created one, named George. They met on facebook and during nap time she took a two hour flight to Texas to met him for the first time. We had to negotiate his age with Maddie. Originally George was 17 years old. We told Maddie that Mom and Dad would not allow her to have a 17 year old friend. She then countered with a 10 year old friend. We finally settled on 7 and half years old. So now Maddie has a 7 and half year old facebook friend that lives in Texas and she talks to him incessantly on her cellphone.

Is that not a product our day? My daughter's imagery friend is on facebook. The imaginary friend is probably more active on facebook than Tam and I are.

Love the Maschgers


Dasha said...

I just love that imagination. That is funny. And you are probably right. Miss you guys.

The Person Family said...

That cracks me up! Kids today are born with a cell phone in one hand and typing on the computer with the other. So fun! :)