Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last Post for the Day. I Promise, but You Are Not Going to Want to Miss This

Many of you have probably already heard, but we figured we should probably put the word out officially.

I will be getting orders soon to Bahrain for a year. Tam will go and live with her parents during that time. I am scheduled to begin training the end of November.

Now for the really really exciting news!!!

WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!! Well Tam is pregnant, my work is done. I now get to sit back and relax.

We are excited for number four. Maddie is praying that it will be a boy and Emma is praying that it will be a girl. Originally they were praying for twins. I am glad that they switched what they were praying for. Because we know that Heavenly Father definitely answers prayers. (Is it bad that I prayed that my daughters twin prayer NOT be answered? Something to ponder.)

The due date is December 5, 2010 and I am scheduled to leave the week before that. Thankfully, Tam's doctor does not want her to go past her 38th week because of Tam's health issues. So, basically this is how the delivery will go: "Breath honey. Now Push Honey! Oh look its so cute! Well I gotta go dear have fun and see you later!" In all seriousness I am grateful I will be her for the delivery, but I am saddened that I will leave so soon after.

I am also using these blog posts as a way to procrastinate writing my 5 assignments that are due this week. (Only about a combined total of 30-40 written pages and two presentations.) No biggie? Right?

I hope everyone of you is doing well. Take care. Love the Maschgers


Michael said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Love you both and miss you!!!!!

Linds said...

Wow! There is a lot going on with your family. Congratulations and good luck with all the upcoming changes!

Dasha said...

Congrats! And that is great that Miles can be there for the delivery. Kind a sucky that he has to be gone for the year though. Sure hope we can all get together before this all happens though. I would love to have this baby at 38 weeks, because that would be next week!! Take care!!

Sarah said...

This is Sarah and Dan from the Monterey days! Congratulations on baby #4 and good luck in Bahrain. May the year go quickly!

Uriah, Kaelynn, Isabelle, Abinadi, and... said...

Ha Ha Ha Miles, you think your work is done with this pregnancy!!! Tam for that statement you should make him do double midnight runs for cravings!

Saundra said...

Love the posts. I think we may have to try the recipe for toilet paper soup.....nah. :) I was looking for the results of the 5K. Glad you found them. I've got to get my kids to run faster - I finished dead LAST in my category. That has never happened. But, it's not about me, right? :)

Jill said...

WOOO HOOO! NUMBER FOUR. well. may you be blessed with a good, sleepy, healthy baby. eva's been wondering when she finally gets a maschger friend all to herself. :)

The Person Family said...

Congrats! And good luck with everything! Glad to hear that you're all doing so well. :)