Monday, January 21, 2008

May the Force be with You...

We have recently introduced our little princesses to the wonderful world of "Star Wars". We have the Lego Star Wars game for our Wii, and it is one of my favorite games to play...and the girls LOVE to watch the action. I decided a couple of weeks ago, that given their interest in the game, perhaps they'd like the movies. I must admit, I had apprehensions...Emma gets "scared" at the smallest thing...we have several Veggie Tale movies that we can't watch without fast-forwarding through the "scary parts" for our Emma. I believed that our little Em would probably not make through the first five minutes...ummm...children ever keep you guessing, and they are FULL of surprises! In fact, Star Wars has become the movie of choice over the last few weeks, and I wanted to share with you the world that George Lucas created as seen through the eyes of a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old:

  • Princess "Lucy" a.k.a. Princess Leia...for reasons only known to Emma, who INSISTS on calling Princess Leia, Princess Lucy
  • P-O-P-O a.k.a. C3PO
  • R-D-D-2 a.k.a. R2-D2
  • "the bluckie guy with the buttons on his clothes" a.k.a. Darth Vader
  • "the blue bluckie guy" a.k.a. The Emperor
  • "the red bluckie guy" a.k.a. Darth Maul...who has won a special place in our girls hearts. In fact, when asked which Star Wars movie they want to is almost always the one with the "red bluckie guy". I have on occasion, when in a hurry, been able to appease them by simply skipping to the final fight scene...which is apparently their favorite "red bluckie guy" scene! :-)
  • "walkies" a.k.a. Ewoks
  • "the blue flying guy" a.k.a. Jango Fett...of course Boba is the "the green flying guy"
  • "the green monster" a.k.a Jaba the Hutt
  • "the brown monster" a.k.a. the Rancor
Interesting side notes, they have no clue who Luke Skywalker is...they can name most of the bad guys, but Luke's character has made little to no impression on our little princesses!

I, personally, am enjoying the fact that their imaginative play repertoire has expanded from "princess" to light saber fights and using the "force" on each other (they will actually occasionally stop swinging their imaginary light sabers at each other, and put their hands out in front of them, and render an excellent "I-am-using-the-force-on-you" pose!)

The other night, as we were sitting at the dinner table, out of the clear blue sky, Maddie picks up her imaginary "blaster" and lets off three quick shots...then turns to us and explains, "Bad guys". Being the excellent mother I am :-) I determined to nip this in the bud by announcing that there would be NO shooting of bad guys at the dinner table, and I was putting a force field around the table to protect us while we ate (anyone see what is coming?) I pushed my imaginary control buttons on the table, and settled back to finish dinner, when Maddie exclaims, in horror, "Mom, there is a door in the force field" How do you argue with that?

Lest you think the force field made no impression...a day later, Miles was in the kitchen doing dishes (he IS the perfect husband!) and Maddie come running in, "Daddy, monsters are coming". Miles, the perfect husband, says "Not now. Daddy is doing dishes, we'll get the monsters when I am finished" At which point Maddie turns around, pushes several imaginary buttons and activates a force field around Daddy to protect him until he is finished...and because you never know...she then stood guard just in case!

So...from our star system to yours...May the Force be with You! :-)


The Person Family said...

That's so fun! Thanks for the vivid descriptions- I can just imagine all of it. I can't believe the girls aren't scared by the movies- I'm sure Miles must be ecstatic about that. :)

Bastianclan said...

Tam I am laughing so hard I am crying. OH how funny... I love it. Good thing you have the force at your home. LOL Your girls crack me up. Your family is so cute...